Too often I hear or read about health practitioners, healers and coaches who wonder how to get more clients. They are already blogging, engaging in Facebook groups, consistently posting on social media and regularly sending out their newsletter yet they still can’t seem to bring in a consistent flow of qualified client’s.

Is that you? Are you struggling with this too?

If you are struggling to get results from your efforts ask yourself these 3 questions BEFORE you create content:

Question # 1: What the purpose of this piece of content?

Question # 2: What is the action you want readers to take?

Question # 3: Does this piece of content provide results in advance?

Want a detailed explanation of what I mean? I filmed a quick video for you where I go into more detail (more videos will be coming soon so make sure to subscribe).


Or you can watch HERE.

After you watch the video comment below and let me know your ONE BIG STRUGGLE when it comes to getting clients.

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