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This podcast is for entrepreneurs who want to build the business and life of their dreams… all on their own terms. Whether you’re into marketing, sales, online business strategy, paid advertising, technology and scaling or personal relationships,  health, wealth, mindset, raising children and spirituality — the Business of Becoming Podcast is your weekly dose of no holds barred conversations, inspiration and practical training so you can uplevel your business and your life — all on your own terms.

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EPISODE 43 | How To Have Impact Without Working 1:1 With Clients

If you are tired of working one to one with clients and are ready to leverage your time and earning potential this Business of Becoming podcast episode is for you. Lori Kennedy speaks with Nathalie Garcia from Practice Better to talk about her journey and how working in groups can benefit both you and your clients.

EPISODE 41 | Where to Invest Your Money to Grow Your Business

This is an episode I’m hoping you bookmark and come back to again and again because it’s full of information that I wish I had when I began my own business. The idea that you need to invest in your business even before you are making money seems to come as a surprise...

EPISODE 40 | Wellness Business Academy Case Studies

This episode was SUCH a pleasure for me to record and I’m SO excited for you to listen to it. It’s a bit different than the regular interviews or solo episodes I normally do, this is a roundtable discussion with 4 amazing Wellness Business Academy students sharing...

EPISODE 39 | Live Coaching: How to Know What Sells

  I’ve got something different (and awesome) this week on the podcast. This episode comes from a recent Facebook Live coaching session I did in my free online community - Take Your Health Practice Online. I do live training and hot seats in that group regularly...

EPISODE 38 | 3 Keys to Getting Out of Overwhelm

I’m getting personal again this week! The word overwhelm is a word that I see on the regular in my online communities, and while I totally understand I also know this to be true - Overwhelm is a choice. Did that trigger you a little bit? I get it, but it’s still true....

EPISODE 37 | Turning Disordered Eating Into A Business

For many, sharing your own very personal and private experiences can feel super vulnerable and confronting. Or maybe you don’t feel as though you are “perfect” yet, so how could you possibly offer value or experience to others? Yet as I remind you time and time again,...

EPISODE 36| Removing The Mompreneur Shame & Secrets

What does the term “mompreneur” mean to you? If thoughts of doing ALL. THE. THINGS. and running a badass, successful business while also keeping a Pinterest worthy home, spending quality time with the kids, cooking from scratch, maintaining deep, fulfilling...


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