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This podcast is for entrepreneurs who want to build the business and life of their dreams… all on their own terms. Whether you’re into marketing, sales, online business strategy, paid advertising, technology and scaling or personal relationships,  health, wealth, mindset, raising children and spirituality — the Business of Becoming Podcast is your weekly dose of no holds barred conversations, inspiration and practical training so you can uplevel your business and your life — all on your own terms.

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EPISODE 29 | The Secret to Sell With Confidence

If you are lacking confidence when it comes to sales this podcast episode is a must! Lori Kennedy and Michelle McGlade talk about the secret to sell with confidence for coaches and health experts.

EPISODE 23 | How To Be A Solid CEO & Build A Team

Are you working IN your business like an operator or are you working ON your business like a CEO? Lori Kennedy is joined by Michael Zeller to talk about both roles and how to get into the CEO mindset.


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