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by | Feb 22, 2017 | Clients, Mindset, Top Trending

How to Become an Overnight Success (10 years later)

I’m always interested in how other people do it — what their daily schedule is, their personal routine, what they focus on and of course how much money they make. We have a tendency to look at those we admire and think, “she makes it look easy”.

That’s why I love Leanne Vogel, founder of because like me, she tells it like it is. In this short interview Leanne and I went back in time to discuss what her first couple of years looked like and how she got to where she is now.

Leanne shares…

  • When and why she quit her full time job
  • How long it takes her to blog, film video, do her podcast
  • How to get started pitching brand sponsorships and affiliates
  • The mindset you need to have to succeed

After a decade of hustling Leanne has finally become an overnight success with hundreds of thousands of fans on YouTube, her podcast and her blog. She’s a featured speaker at The Wellness Business Summit where she’ll be teaching you how to set your business up to partner with brands and affiliates in a talk called Making Money as a Brand Ambassador and Affiliate OR Alternative Income: Partnering With Brands.


Click the link below to learn more about The Wellness Business Summit and our other featured speakers.

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