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Predictions On The Future of Health Care

Over the last 17 years of being in the health and wellness industry, first as a personal trainer, then as a registered holistic nutritionist and now as a business strategist for health professionals I’ve seen a lot of trends come and go.

And working online over the last 5 years I’ve seen massive shifts in the way traditional health practitioners are growing their brands and building their businesses. More and more licensed health practitioners are giving up their licenses in order to have more freedom in the way they run their businesses. At the same time the government is tightening the noose around what health coaches, nutritionists and integrative medical doctors can and can’t do.

Here are a couple of predictions that I believe will become the norm within the next 5 years:

Integrative Doctors will move towards a membership model of health where patients pay a monthly fee to have access to a team of integrative practitioners like an ND, nutritionist, personal trainer and life coach.

Medical doctors, pharmacies and integrative practitioners will offer online group programs as a way stop trading dollars for hours and also so they can scale their practices.

Nutritionists and health coaches will be an integral part of the medical model and play a supporting role for medical doctors within their practices.

It will become the norm for patients to be referred to a nutritionist or health coach as part of their ‘treatment’.

The general population will still have no idea how to use food and lifestyle strategies to improve their health.

Sachin Patel, the founder of The Living Proof Institute and a featured speaker at The Wellness Business Summit and I sat down to record a quick interview on the future of the health industry.

Click below to watch the video interview.

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