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10K Grow is led by Lori Kennedy, former Registered Holistic Nutritionist, host of the Business Of Becoming podcast and author of The Successful Practitioner. Lori is recognized in the alternative health and coaching industry for her expertise in creating and scaling automated signature programs and helping practitioners and coaches turn their personal experiences and professional knowledge into a highly profitable and scalable online business. 

Whether you’re working with clients 1:1, run a couple of launches a year, have a program you offer ongoing or have a membership site model, you’re looking for structured support to help you scale online. 

10K Grow gives you the step-by-step lead gen, marketing, sales and back-end admin structure and strategies with mentorship, accountability and support to help you streamline your existing business so you can scale it to $10K a month and beyond.



10K Grow is a 6-month business coaching program that focuses on helping practitioners, coaches and business owners fortify the key components needed to build a strong foundation to grow from. Unlike the initial business setup, scaling requires solid front and back-end systems so that the business doesn’t implode as it expands. 

The program teaches the business owner how to create a strategic plan, how to identify and plug growth gaps, the keys to strengthen their brand, and the ‘what and how to’ implement content, marketing, sales and client success systems that allow the business to scale. 

10K Grow also includes comprehensive and personalized mentorship and accountability along with interactive components like component-specific live coaching in the form of written communication and live coaching calls led by experienced coaches so that you can get hands-on guidance to quickly grow online.


Strategic planning for all areas of the business

Generating consistent and quality leads via organic and paid traffic

Community and audience relationships

Structured sales and sales process

Automated program and/or service delivery and client success

Scaling programs and services

Building front and back end systems for scale


You already have the basics of your business setup but could probably use a strategic overhaul in some areas, you’re likely working with clients but generating inconsistent revenue and feeling like you’re working way too hard for the amount of return you’re getting. If you want to fortify your front and back-end systems, ensure that you have a solid infrastructure to grow from and create content and marketing systems that work to attract your ideal client 24/7 and have a structured sales process in place to convert those ideal clients into clients/customers without having to do everything manually, then 10K Grow is right for you.

Purpose-Driven, Ambitious Beginners

You’re NOT new to working with clients/customers, but you don’t have month-to-month sales consistency. You have parts of the business working well, need to improve others and don’t have a clear path to growth. But, you’re all in and want this year to be the year you get out of the ‘feast or famine’ scenario. 

If you answer YES to any of the following then 10K Grow is right for you. 

YES! I have a program or product that is making sales (even inconsistently) 

YES! I have a brand and an audience (even if it’s small) 

YES! I have a way to make sales online 

YES! I have at least $500/month minimum to invest in paid advertising 

YES! I am eager to learn the business, marketing, sales and back-end systems that will enable my business to grow 

YES! My goal is to hit $10K months (or more) consistently within the next 6 months


The program is led by Lori Kennedy, former Registered Holistic Nutritionist and founder of The Wellness Business Hub. Lori transformed her own nutrition practice by creating her first signature program called WOW! Weight Loss. Over the last decade, Lori has helped thousands of practitioners and coaches to create their own signature program and online businesses. 

She’s grown The Wellness Business Hub into a global multi-million dollar virtual company by scaling her three signature programs each to over 7-figures in revenue. She’s included the systems, processes and strategies into the 10K Grow curriculum so you don’t have to recreate the wheel as you grow. 

10K Grow is supported by the 10K Grow Program Coach, and access to experienced coaches and professionals who have expertise in branding, scaling paid advertising, scaling online programs and client onboarding, online sales, marketing, paid advertising, copywriting and personal development via the live coaching calls and Facebook group.  



It goes without saying that starting up your business and growing it are two very different things. Now that you have done the work to create and start up your business, you are lost as to how to grow it. Over and above the strategic plan, expanding your brand, strengthening your lead gen, nurture sequence and structured sales process and ensuring that you can scale your online signature program,10K Grow clients learn the required business, marketing, sales, customer service and finance skills required to scale their online business. 

There are many unforeseen elements that could derail you from achieving the level of success you desire that the 10K Grow program mitigates including, but not limited to, mindset challenges, time management issues, hiring and growing a team, finance and cash-flow, customer service issues and the biggest one, feeling totally outside of your comfort zone.


Our highest priority is to protect the culture, community and integrity of the program and our existing clients. You may be eligible to start 10K Grow at any time, however, we have a qualification process in place to ensure that 10K Grow is the right investment for you. 


To start the qualification process


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