As a social platform, Instagram lends itself to health and wellness businesses. An emphasis on exquisite visuals, tailored hashtags, plus the recent rollout of IGTV all make for the perfect place to connect with customers and spread your brand.

Consequently, it’s worth evaluating your strategy to ensure it’s as effective as it can be. To really get the most out of the visual platform, read on for four ideas to boost your health business.

Convey Value with How-to Videos

The health and wellness industry is replete with new and changing ideas, products, trends, and techniques. CBD products is one such example of this, as are spin cycle classes and meditation apps.

Many of these are new and alien to customers, requiring detailed instruction before they can start benefiting from them. Your business’ Instagram account is the perfect place to educate your customers on your products or service.

Let’s say you’re a personal trainer looking to build up your client base. Create short, two minute workout videos and share them on your profile (with appropriate, relevant hashtags). Fitness aficionados will find these videos and benefit from them, piquing their interest and leading them to your profile and, eventually, your business’ website.

Passing on bitesize knowledge drops through Instagram provides value to users and enhances their lives. This will build up your follower base as a result as customers seek more of the same value.

Takeaway Tips

Short, instructional videos can help increase your follower count and draw customers to your brand. But it’s not the only route open to you.

Product demos (such as demonstrating a reflexology massage or acupuncture being performed) can help educate new customers about something that they might never have experienced.

When you upload your post, be sure to use relevant hashtags to capture the right customers. Use a hashtag research tool to identify those which are pertinent to your business niche.

Host an Insightful Q&A Session on IGTV

Earlier this year, Instagram rolled out its longform vertical video application, IGTV. The app lets standard users upload videos up to 10 minutes to the site, while verified users (such as brands or celebrities) can upload up to an hours’ worth of video.

This has opened up a world of possibilities for business, not least those in the health and wellness industry. An hour of video provides plenty of scope for brands to provide further value in the form of a Q&A session.

The health industries on Instagram plays host to a wealth of influencers — social media stars with huge online followings — who hold considerable sway with your target customers.

Jennifer Selter, a fitness influencer from New York with more than 12 million followers, is one such social influencer.

She regularly shares exercise and nutrition tips to her loyal community of health-conscious fitness fans. While influencers like Jennifer might be out of your price range, there are many smaller micro influencers that you can partner with.

Partner up with your customers’ favorite influencers for a Q&A session streamed on IGTV. Ask them the questions that their fans (and your customers) want to know, and create a video that your followers can learn from.

Takeaway Tips

Use an influencer research tool to identify social stars who your target customers follow and regularly engage with online. Find those with a follower count between 10-100K. These are micro influencers, and they deliver better engagement at more affordable prices.

But if influencers are out of your price range, why not partner with a health professional instead? A Q&A with a qualified therapist or fellow healer makes for a valuable discussion that your customers can benefit from.

Introduce your brand to the world

In business, simply having a strong product or service isn’t enough. With the world of business more accessible than ever, the market is more competitive than it’s ever been.

Easy and affordable tools and software make it easy for individuals to build a brand at home (or even simply buy a business as a quick shortcut). So how do you get your business to stand out against a sea of competition?

In a word: branding. The face of your business, your story and personal angle.

This is especially important for health and wellness businesses. Creating a rapport with your customers is vital because you need them to have faith in you. Their health is important to them, and you’re providing them with nutritional advice or health products that will impact that. By telling your brand’s story on Instagram, you give them a reason to trust you — and that’s money in the bank.

Takeaway tips

As well as sharing images of your health products or exercises, give your followers a behind-the-scenes insight into your business. What compelled you to start your business? Who are the team behind the name? What is your brand ethos? Use a combination of video and photos to answer these questions with candour.

These human touches lift your business out of the commercial sphere and into the personal. You become more than a business to your customers — you become a trusted source of help and advice.

Draw in new customers with strong social proof

Customer testimonials are a valuable asset for any business. The genuine approval of an independent third party — social proof — plays a powerful role in convincing customers to make a purchase.

But while social proof is useful in every industry, it’s particularly vital for those in the health and wellness sector. As mentioned before, with such a wide range of new products, diets, and workout trends arriving all the time, customers are naturally wary of trying new things.

So embedding social proof on your Instagram feed helps convince prospective customers of the efficacy of your product or service. Customer testimonials on your website are great, of course. But making genuine positive approval part of your social strategy packs a punch by delivering it straight to the customer.

Takeaway Tips

Identify happy customers by finding those repeat shoppers who return to you time and again. These are likely to be individuals who love who you are and what you do. Reach out to them and ask them to provide a quote — or better yet, a short video clip — explaining what they love about your business.

Offer them a discount code or a freebie to sweeten the deal, then cascade their testimonial across Instagram. If you can’t get video testimonial, create an attractive graphic of their praise and combine it with images of the product or service they used to promote specific products.

Instagram’s blend of powerful visuals and longform video makes it the perfect platform for health businesses to connect with existing customers and discover new ones.

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