Social media is coming up a lot in my community recently. We all know we need to do it and show up consistently but it can also be a major time and energy suck with little ROI if we are just posting randomly and without a plan.

Getting really deliberate and intentional about the kinds of posts we focus on can not only decrease the anxiety and frustration, but also support you to build your community and grow your email list…because that’s still the queen of the show when it comes to sales.

Before I break down the 5 social media posts you should be focusing on, let’s talk about why email list building is so important.

Why You Need an Email List in the First Place

People ask me this question all the time ~ “Do I need an email list if …”

The short answer is absolutely YES.

Your email list is your client pool. If you want to sell stuff, you need an email list.

Whether you have an online practice or an offline practice, you work in a clinic, you run a boot camp, or something else. Your email list makes up the pool of your prospects, leads, and your paying clients or customers. So yes, no matter what kind of business you are running, you need some type of email list.

“But why do I need an email list over a Facebook group or other social media platforms?”

Good question, I get asked this a lot too. You still need an email list because you don’t own the Facebook group, and you don’t own your social media platform. If you’re spending all of your time building up a Facebook group, and you’re not then inviting those amazing people onto your email list so that you can continue the conversation off of social media in your world and your community, what happens if Facebook decides to close your group or your social media platforms get taken down? It happens more often than you think and you basically lose the ability to sell.

Also, it’s not proper etiquette to really sell hard and all the time on social media unless you’re using paid advertising. Your email list, it’s really critical if you’re a yoga instructor, if you’re a Pilates instructor, if you’re an energy healer, if you’re a massage therapist, if you’re a dietitian, a health coach, a nutritionist, a chiro, functional medicine doctor, RMT, it doesn’t matter what modality your business is in, our businesses all thrive off of having a really nurtured, growing email list.

Yes, you need an email list. Yes, it should be a priority in your business. This is your way of having a direct relationship with the people that you want to help, with the people that have raised their hands and said I need help. I need to get rid of this gas. I need to get rid of my back pain. I want to increase my deadlift. I want to build my booty for the summer. I want to slim down. I want to learn how to detox. I want to make elixirs. I want to learn how to feed my kids healthier foods. Whatever it is, you can then use your email list to attract those kinds of people, those specific clients, and nurture them, and educate them.

We all got into this profession, whether you’re a trainer, an energy healer, whatever it is, because we have this deep visceral desire to share, to teach, to educate, to make sure the people who need our healing and support, get it. Your email list is the very best way to be able to do that on an ongoing basis.

Yes, social media is critical. Yes, video is critical. But your email list, that is your direct link.

Your business growth and your community growth will be directly proportionate to the amount of people you have on your email list and the level of engagement and positive relationship that you have with them.

Let me just get real for a minute and state that building an email list takes time and continuous effort, even if you’re using Facebook Ads, it still takes time and energy to make sure your lead magnet is converting, meaning that the people who want the content, actually subscribe. Then if you’re not using Facebook Ads, it does take longer.

Ok so now that we all agree building your email list is of utmost priority, let’s talk about how to use your lead magnet (freebie/opt-in) and social media to grow that list and build your business.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a piece of content. It can be a video. It can be a video series. It can be an audio. It can be an audio series. It can be PDFs. It can be a resource guide, which would be PDFs or checklists or an e-book. It could be a five or three day challenge. It could be a quiz. It’s content that will quickly give an answer or solve a problem without much learning.

Lead magnets should really focus on the doing to create an emotional or physical solution to a top level problem. When I say top level problem, obviously, you’re not going to reduce inflammation in 72 hours, but you can give them breathing exercises, movement exercises, and/or food exercises to alleviate that top level bloated pain feeling.

A lead magnet is you saying to your people – “Here’s this thing (e-book, video series, quiz, etc.) that I know will help you quickly. It’s totally for free. In order to get it, you have to give me your name and email.” It’s a free piece of content that quickly solves a singular, specific, top level problem, that is then connected like an introduction to the bigger more all-encompassing problem that you solve with your business, with your services, and your programs.

It’s the mechanism by which you get names and emails, you get leads into your world.

For more support around creating your Lead Magnet check out this blog post.

Ok, to recap we agree that building your email list is a priority and that having a lead magnet is the mechanism by which you gather emails in exchange for your free content…let’s move on to the social media posts you need to promote your lead magnet and grow your list.


Have a Conversation

A lot of the times, I see people basically slapping their audience in the face with sales offers for their lead magnet. What do I mean by that? I mean that they’re not having a conversation around it.

They’re posting content like…

“I just finished my free booty builder workout series, and it’s available for a limited time, click the link to get it” or, “Summer is a really hard time, and you have a lot of sugar cravings, so I have a 72 hour sugar craving challenge, click here to get started right away.”

Those are sales offers. You’re literally slapping someone in the face, with a sales offer, even though there’s no monetary value. It’s still a transaction. It’s still a sales offer. Those are the kinds of posts that make us feel yucky and gross. Those are the kinds of posts that have us feeling like we don’t want to post all the time because we know we’re annoying people. Those posts are annoying. Those aren’t the posts I encourage you to publish.

I encourage you to think about the kind of post that would feel conversational in nature, where you’re genuinely sharing your work that you’re proud of from the heart.

I’ve put together five different types of posts that we’ve seen work in our community. That we teach in The Wellness Business Academy, that I personally use, that I know a lot of my friends use. These posts are very conversational, and you can rinse and repeat them over time. You can also create variations of them. When you are writing these posts, think about it like you’re out for coffee with your best friend, your tone is very conversational in nature.

In each of these posts, you can then transition into why you created this lead magnet, and include the call to action to say click here at the end of the post.

#1 – Your Backstory

The first post, which we should all have, and we should publish on repeat, two to three times a month for everybody new coming into your world, is your back story post.

I want you to tell a story. I want you to be vulnerable. I want you to share embarrassing moments. I want you to let people into your world so that they let you into theirs, and it has to come top down. We have to be open and honest and vulnerable first in order for people to be open and honest an vulnerable with us.

In your back story post, you want to share why you got into this. Share what happened to you. What were your symptoms? How did you feel? How did those symptoms ruin your life? What gratitude do you have for going through that? You want to share where you came from so that people can say oh my god, I’m experiencing the very same thing. She or he must be able to help me if they’ve already gone through it. This is something you want to repeat several times a month so people know where you came from.

#2 – Identify the Problem

How did you figure out what your problem is? Maybe no one caught it. It wasn’t in your head. You weren’t crazy. It wasn’t necessarily your fault either.

If your topic is energy for example, what’s the real problem – blood sugar, toxicity. We as health experts know this, but they don’t.

You have to explain to them why the coffee, the sugar, the sleeping pills, the exercising, none of that will work if they don’t fix their blood sugar, if they don’t get rid of the toxins that are bogging them down. You have to create an a-ha moment for them. You can do it by sharing when you experienced your own a-ha moment.

You have to identify the problem for them. Explain why what they’ve been trying hasn’t been working, which is confirming the failure, which is saying, this is why it’s not your fault. This is why what you’ve been trying to do isn’t working. It’s actually not what you thought it was. It’s this problem. It’s this new problem over here that I’m going to teach you about, that I’ve now created this 72 hour challenge around. Click here to get it.

#3 – Let Them Off the Hook

This post is about saying “it’s not your fault.” I understand. I understand because I’ve been there. I tried this and this and this, and once I realized what the true problem was, I actually felt really relieved. I felt relieved because I realized it wasn’t my fault, that I wasn’t a failure, that I wasn’t stupid, that I wasn’t just one of those people that just had bad luck. Once I really understood what was going on in my body, things became so clear to me, and that’s why I created this smoothie guide.

#4 – The Benefit of the Lead Magnet (Free Offer)

This is where you can share your after story. This is where you can say something like, “I’ve been doing this for two years, and this is how I feel. I want you to feel the same.” Say it with genuine love. “It’s my mission in life to make sure that everybody has energy because I know if you follow this, in my free seven day meal plan guide, recipe, meditation, booty workouts, whatever, you will get these results. All you need to do is follow them.”

If you were doing let’s say a three day energy boosting meal plan, the benefit isn’t necessarily that they’re getting more energy. The benefit is what that more energy will do to improve the quality of their life. You need to understand how having no energy is ruining the quality of their life because that’s what you speak to.

You’re really motivating them, and you’re sharing the benefit of what the outcome will be. A couple of examples might be, “I know you want more energy so you don’t feel guilty as a mom that all you want to do is lie on the couch.” “I know you want to get rid of bloating so that you feel confident naked, so that you want to have sex again, so that you’re not worried about gas or having to run to the bathroom in an intimate moment.”

#5 – Why Do You Want This For Them?

Why do you want this for them? What will happen if they do nothing? In a year, in two years, in six months, in a week. What will happen if they do nothing?

Share that. Share your greatest fear for them. Something like, “My fear for you is that you won’t follow this. My fear for you is that you will continue to take the hard road and listen to conventional medicine or Google and not do the work to understand how you even got to this place in the first place, and you will continue to stay sick. I do not want that for you, which is why I created this thing.”

This isn’t about fear mongering or a high pressure sales tactic. It’s about being honest and genuine and sending them so much love. Telling them you have their highest health and happiness in mind and that you can help ~ because you can.

Learning to write in this way takes time, and you need to practice because you’re having a conversation. You could even start any of these posts off with “Hey friends”, or in my case, I would say “Hey black sheep,” or “Hey WBA peeps.” Because I’m having a conversation with one person. There just happens to be thousands of them.

Have these kinds of conversations on your Facebook page with people. I promise you this is what will create engagement. It’s these conversations. It’s coming from that place of this is your purpose, versus hey I just finished my seven day clean eating challenge, get it here for free. That’s yuck. When you come from a place of love and purpose, and start a conversation, they’re going to comment on it, and that’s how you create true engagement.

Do yourself a favor and create these posts. But before you do, think about how do you want them to feel? What do you want them to know? Then, just share from the heart.

Be sure to check out the video below as I walk some health professionals just like you through the process of creating and promoting your lead magnets on social media.

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