Here’s the problem. #socialmediafrustration

You have an incredible product or service as an alternative health professional, but you haven’t reached the masses.

All those people out there you know would benefit from the best turmeric supplement on the planet or a Reiki treatment, or a meditation app that you’ve spent years developing. . . don’t know who you are.

You may as well be J.D. Salinger hiding in his shed for the last 60 years.

The masses don’t know your brand because you’re lost in a sea of around 428,000,000 results that turn up if you do a simple search on an alt-health topic on Google.

If you want to change the world you’ve got to be omnipresent.

If you want to be in the ranks of Sayer Ji from Green Med Info, Lissa Rankin, MD, author of Mind Over Medicine, the Wellness Mama, or Dr. Mercola, you’re gonna need to up your social media game.

Even if your site, your product, your business plan, and your partners are phenomenal, you still need social media. Why?

Let’s take a gander at a few stats.

Hootsuite says that there are over 3 billion (that’s with a B people) people using social media.

The average American in on at least one social media platform at least twice a day.

88% of 18-24 year-olds say that they couldn’t live without social media, and a slightly older demographic admits they’d have a hard time functioning without “likes” on Facebook, or pics on their Instagram accounts.

Statista states that social media has penetrated the entire globe, as you can see from this graph:

Global Social Media Penetration as of 2018


So, let’s dig right in to your social media marketing crash course.

1. The Importance of Video

Let’s start with video. This is going to be one of the biggest trends going forward in any social media marketing campaign.

81% of businesses say they plan on using video as a marketing tool this year. Can you truly afford not to compete with – well – the entire world?

You could chuck just about all other forms of social media if you can do video right.

To effectively engage with your audience, capture the highest ROI (return on your investment) and get the highest click-through rates possible, you’re going to need to create original video.

Real-time or live-stream is best, but any engaging video will help you to make your brand more universal.

Millionaire internet marketer, Neil Patel says, “the market is flooded with blogs, and some aren’t that great.” If you want to stand out video will do the trick.

Here are a few examples of a highly effective video-campaigns:

The Wellness Mama is cooking up some healthy recipes in this one:

Dr. Josh Axe is talking about the benefits of fasting and cleansing in this one, but he posts hundreds of videos on similar topics:

And should you think that YouTube is the only place to post video, think again.

Instagram is chock-full of videos on everything from healthy eating to supplements, to essential oils, and exercise. Try #Organicfood or #essentialoils, or #EOProducts to get an idea of ways to promote your brand.

Instagram Stories also offers an incredible way to promote your brand. It amounts to a tiny commercial for your product or service that plays on video stories created by Instagram users within a demographic that you pick. They can’t opt-out, either. offers great resources on how to master Instagram Stories on their blog.

Twitter also now allows video clips. You can record, edit and share right from your Twitter App from either an Android or iPhone. This tutorial will tell you exactly how to do it.

And last, but not least, let’s talk Facebook. Facebook may have just created massive controversy with their breach of privacy, but FB videos get five times the engagement compared to static content on either FB or Instagram. I go live regularly in my FREE Facebook Community, Take Your Health Practice Online if you’re looking for more info on how to build and grow your business online.

There’s also a market on WeChat, WhatsApp, Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and  Snapchat, but we’ll start with the basics until you master social media posting, first.

Try the following video creation tools to help with your social media marketing campaign:

  • Zype: a high-quality, live streaming, scalable service that you can monetize and analyze.
  • Magisto: another great video-making tool, allows you to make marketing and product videos in minutes with the help of AI.
  • ly: This is an awesome tool for small to medium businesses looking to make quality videos quickly.
  • Adobe Spark: Adobe offers a free video making tool that you can use without programming or technical skill.

2. Be Mobile-Friendly

The next vital part of getting your social media marketing campaign right is to be super-mobile friendly.

There are 4.917 billion unique mobile users in the world, as detailed by Hootsuite and We Are Social’s Digital in 2017 report.

You can thank millennials for that. They lead the way with mobile social media use.

A report from the Manifest states that social media Apps are among the most used. How do you make your social media posts mobile friendly and highly shareable? You need to optimize them.

3. Use Micro-Influencers

The next secret to getting your alternative health brand to be omnipresent – aside from begging the Internet Gods to smile upon you – is to use micro-influencers.

A micro-influencer is someone who has fewer than 100,000 likes or followers on social media, and more often has followers in the range of around 5-10,000.

Oddly enough, the influencer with fewer followers can drive 22.2 times more weekly volume, get much higher engagement rates, and usually have more pull than larger influencers.

Micro-influencers are taking over social media marketing according to Forbes because they are authentic (which we will talk more about in a moment), they already have a close-knit following, called community, and people trust them more than big celebrities.

Medium Corporation explains the rise of micro-influencers as being more “brand-relevant.”

Image: The Medium Corporation

To find micro-influencers, you will want to develop a long-term, close relationship with people who are already talking about your specific niche in alternative health. Look for popular blog posts on organic foods, fasting, healing with herbs, etc. or look for trending topics, then reach out to the authors or find them on social media to set up a successful campaign.

Offer to send them freebies in exchange for a social media review, or pay-per-click if you want to deal in a money-only exchange.

You may even be able to find micro-influencers from your own followers, or researching top bloggers on the topics your products or services cover.

Finally, you can use tools like Markerly HYPR, Ninja Outreach or Insightpool to find micro-influencers in your niche.

4. Use User-Generated Content

This is another trend that is rising due to the influence of millennials. People don’t want to be “marketed” to anymore. They want to share an experience with like-minded communities, or they want to be creative.

User-generated content allows your target customer to directly interact with you. Though they aren’t in the alternative health game, look at what Starbucks did recently with user-generated content and social media.

They got nearly 4,000 customers to submit their artful cups as an entry to a contest – all within about 3 weeks of launching the campaign.

Image: Hubspot

Let others shine, and your brand will, too.

5. Be Authentic

The most important tip for creating a successful social media campaign to promote your brand is about being authentic.

The Harvard Business Review recently did a study on exactly what makes people want to purchase from a website or a social media post, and the results may surprise you. It’s all about “trustworthiness.”

People respond when you be you. Don’t try to create a brand that doesn’t reflect who you are. People will smell it a mile away. If you’re weird, quirky, odd, introverted, crazy, creative, or funny. Let that shine through. Your authenticity will be rewarded. Even the brainiacs at Harvard finally figured that one out. Tell your story. Over and over again.

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