Are you tired of trading dollars for hours, regardless of how high your hourly session is?

Would you like to add an automated revenue stream to your business model so you can take a vacation without losing profit?

As a fitness and health professional I’m sure you have volumes of content, program plans, workouts, recipes and helpful tips that you could quickly package and turn into an online program.

More and more health and fitness professionals are creating online programs as a means to break through geographic and financial barriers and to have the opportunity to help hundreds or thousands of people.

Creating an online automated program that brings in an additional $500, $1000 or $10,000 per month is completely possible for you even if you aren’t technologically savvy.

It took me three years, to be able to transfer my offline business to being 80% online. I was tired of not having the freedom to dictate my work schedule and it was frustrating when one of my kids would get sick and I had to cancel clients to stay home with them.

I’m sharing my 7 steps to creating an online revenue stream so you too can take your business online or offer just a couple of programs so you can generate profit without working more.


Step 1: Think of your programs in terms of building out a curriculum

Start with a basic program that attracts a wide variety of people within your niche. This would be a beginner program or an entry-level program. You want a lot of people to be able to enter your world without much objection.  

As you gain confidence and experience online you can build out your curriculum to include intermediate and advanced programs.


Step 2: Create your first follow along or instructional program

Do a brain dump and write down all of your program ideas. Remember this is a beginner or entry-level program. Stick to easy to follow concepts and exercises.

Structure your program so that you ONLY focus on one key area to improve. What are you specifically teaching them? What is the targeted outcome? 

Your program should include a manual, worksheets, videos and step-by-step instructions on how to complete whatever it is you are teaching them.


Step 3: Decide on a delivery plan

How are you going to deliver the content to your online clients? Will you send the entire program all at once or slip the content out weekly? What makes the most sense and doesn’t overwhelm your new online clients?

Most importantly what delivery methods are the easiest for you to set up? You don’t need a membership site right off the bat. You can have your content on a downloads page or provide links within the email autoresponders.


Step 4: Write the sales page

This step can feel daunting to most people, especially those of you who are not technically writers. It’s helpful to start with 10-15 headlines. Take a piece of paper and write down 10-15 benefit driven headlines.

If you need help go and buy some magazines related your content. Magazines have great headlines or do a Google search for related blogs.

Once you have your headlines then start drafting the sales copy. If you’ve never written sales copy before, model yours after other sales pages you like. Refer to them for the layout and flow of the content. Most good sales pages follow a similar structure.

It’s 100% OKAY to “model” sales pages for the structure, layout and flow. It’s never OKAY to outright copy someone else’s work.

NOTE: Your sales copy will never feel ready, perfect or complete. It’s okay, publish it anyways. If you want help there are plenty of good junior copywriters out there who won’t charge you an arm and a leg to review your copy.


Step 5: Create program/product images

Have you seen sales copy where there are images of books, computer screens, iPads and iPhones with the program branding on them? That’s what I’m talking about.

Each component of your program requires a graphic. The graphics help to tell the story of what the prospect is buying into. For example, if you had a manual, an exercise library, follow along videos and a workout planner, each one of those elements would be represented with a branded graphic.

You can go onto or and search for a graphic designer to create these for you. Usually they are working off templates so the branded graphics are not expensive.

Step 6: Get your program on

If you are unfamiliar with Clickbank, I encourage you to register for an account, it’s free. Spend some time in the marketplace reviewing other people’s fitness programs.

Clickbank is the biggest online platform to sell digital programs. It’s the most commonly known and the most credible. You sell your program through Clickbank so there is no requirement for your own shopping cart or merchant account, which saves you time and energy because you don’t have to set it up.  

Also, if you are ever going to work with affiliates they have a built in affiliate center and most people who sell online have accounts already making it simple for you to work with them.


Step 7: Create a launch plan

Congratulations. You’ve gotten to step 7…now the real work begins. Merely creating a program and putting it up on Clickbank doesn’t guarantee sales. Your program may be amazing, but if you want to generate automatic passive income you need to create a launch for it as well, as a continuing promotional campaign.

Basically you need to plan out a way to send traffic to either your lead magnet or directly to your sales page.

Launching a program is usually done through a series of pre-written emails that evoke curiosity and guides the prospect through a story that motivates them to click on the link that takes them to your sales page.

My advice is to subscribe to a couple of people who you know sell information programs online and go through one of their program launches. Save all of the emails you get and take notes on the type of content they send out daily.

No need to re-create the wheel or spend 6 months trying to make things perfect. Follow the steps outlined in this article and model the people you admire online who are publishing information products already. The best thing you can do for your clients, your business and your bank account is launch your program. It will never be quite done or perfect… launch before you are ready and make changes after receiving feedback from your new clients.


Hope you enjoyed and have some motivation to create your online automated revenue system. Feel free to comment below and let us know your thoughts or questions.





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