EPISODE 20 | Burn out, Hormones and Creating Balance

Feb 1, 2018 | 0 comments

I’m getting pretty vulnerable in this episode. We’re covering a topic that I think  is super common but not many entrepreneurs are willing to go there, especially those in the health and wellness field – because we’re “supposed” to know better .

I invited Jenn Pike to join me to talk about all things burnout, hormones and creating so-called balance. She was the perfect person to talk to about this because I hired her to help me address my own burnout a couple of years ago (I talk more about that here) and she has helped hundreds of other women do the same in her business.

It’s kind of funny isn’t it? As health practitioners we have ALL this information on how to optimize health, but we’re often our own worst client. Brushing off self-care, movement and nutrition to eek out more time to build our business. I know because I’ve been there. When I realized I couldn’t continue with the way I was going I got in touch with Jenn to set me straight and give me some practical solutions.

Not only is it the long hours but as entrepreneurs in a client-focused role, we don’t recognize that what we put out and that we can digest all of what is coming to us. The energy and baggage of our clients needs to be dealt with and it’s super common to take it on as your own. This is a fast track to burnout!

Jenn and I discuss some of the strategies she used with me when I was experiencing burnout and adrenal fatigue that you can start to implement in your own life right away.

We talk about how to take your own advice and treat yourself just as you would your clients, or your children if you are a parent. Reminding ourselves once in a while that we’re human and it’s totally ok (re: necessary) to take a break and put our health at the top of the priority list.

More About Jenn:

Jenn Pike, Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Expert and Bestselling author of “The Simplicity Project~ A Simple, No-Nonsense Approach To Losing Weight & Changing Your Body Forever!

She is the founder of The Simplicity Project and her revolutionary women’s health course The Hormone Project. She is a nationally sought after Nutritionist, Yoga Educator and Medical Exercise Specialist on holistic living principles.

Host of Simplicity TV, and contributor for various publications, television and radio shows such as Breakfast Television, Global, CTV, CHCH, and Rogers. Jenn sits on the Advisory Board for STRONG Fitness Magazine, iRun, Vitalize, The Social Common and Savvy Mom and is a National Ambassador for The Canadian Cancer Society stand against Sugar campaign.

Connect with Jenn through her website or on social media on Instagram or Facebook.

Listen to Episode 20 below:

In This Episode We Talk About…

  • How to spot when burnout is happening
  • How to protect yourself from the energy of your clients
  • Practical tips and tools for supporting your body in times of stress and fatigue
  • The mindset shifts necessary to maintain a more balanced approach to life and business
  • A reminder that it’s a process and the tools available to you depend on your current season of life
  • Urgent Care tips for when burnout has hit

Things We Mention In This Episode:

Coregeous Ball
Yoga Tune Up Balls

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Let’s Keep The Conversation Going…

This has been a very personal conversation for me and where I have been but it was important for me to share because I’m committed to showing the FULL picture when it comes to being an entrepreneur and building the business and life of your dreams.

Share below the strategies that you use to support yourself throughout your business building journey. You can also join my free online community to connect with more than 6000 other health practitioners just like you to ask questions, share wins and struggles and get lots of support from me and my team! I hope to see you there.

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