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Do you find yourself looking at other professionals and feeling like they are miles ahead of you?

They seem to have their shit together and know the “secret” to success while you flounder and try to find your way.

If there is a secret it might be this…

Those that walk toward their fear instead of finding excuses and reasons to hide are the ones that find success.

The truth is that when you make the decision to live life on your terms and aspire to create real change and wealth, you come face to face with old thought patterns, habits that no longer serve you and all the dark corners of your mind that you’ve been trying so hard to ignore.

But at the end of the day, it’s not even a high converting lead magnet that is going to make or break your business…it’s the work that you do on yourself that will set you apart.

Recently, Lori sat down with Ardelle Viau a certified Holistic Nutritionist and Essential Oils Educator, to discuss how she transitioned from working for a weight loss company to building her own successful business.

In this really open and honest conversation, Ardelle explains that that if it wasn’t for the investments she makes in herself and her own self-care she wouldn’t be able to build the life and business she desires. This is a MUST watch for everyone!

In this 25-minute video interview they discuss:

  • How to book yourself for in person workshops
  • Tips for asking for referrals from friends, family and clients
  • How to incorporate a product like essential oils into a group program or service package (and why if you sell products you totally need a program to go with them!)
  • Pricing your packages and how to have the confidence to charge what you are worth
  • The mindset work that has supported Ardelle to continue to set big goals
  • Why it’s important to get really clear on what you want and how to keep doing the “real” work to get it
  • And more!

Let us know in the comments below what a-ha moments or insights you gain from this discussion. What can you relate to.

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