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We are looking for experts in various fields to contribute information to our resource base.

The Wellness Business Hub was created as a resource for health and wellness professionals, to provide the most up-to-date information to help them expand personally and professionally. If you are an expert in any of the fields listed below we want to feature you as a contributor on our site.


Want to Contribute an Article?

If you have an area of expertise you love to write about, or best practices you think will be of value to your fellow practitioners, we want to hear from you!

We are most interested in articles that fall within the categories listed below, especially those that will provide educational content related to running a health and wellness business, or to the entrepreneurial lifestyle in general.


Categories of Content We are Looking For:

  • Acquiring and Retaining Clients
  • Business Finances
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Positive Mindset
  • Personal Productivity and Business Systems
  • Technology and Business Automation
  • Healthy Recipes
  • State of the Wellness Industry
  • Recent Science and Research


We are open to considering articles on any topic that might be of interest to health and wellness professionals, and are happy to entertain other categories of content not listed above if you think we’ve missed something that will be of value to our readers. As we said, our goal is to help them develop personally and professionally.


What We Aren’t Looking for:

  • Personal opinions
  • MLMs
  • Rants on a particular topic
  • Abstract or philosophical articles that do not provide educational or actionable content for our readers
  • Anything that puts down any particular modality, methodology or product in the health and wellness field


Every article must provide educational value to our readers in either the areas of personal or professional development.


Technical Guidelines

We will review all article submissions to ensure the content fits within our submission guidelines and is something we want to share with our audience.


  1. Please send your article in a Word document (.doc).

  3. Our graphics team will create the featured image for the article post. If you would like to submit additional pictures to be posted within the content of your article you are welcome to do so.

  5. Send through all pictures you wish to include in the article as separate files, named in this format: articletitlePICTURE1, articletitlePICTURE2, etc.

  7. Please add notes in your Word document for where each picture should be added in this format: [PICTURE1HERE]

  9. If you do include pictures you must be able to provide attribution, or show ownership of the photos. If the pictures are your own, please include the following line in your submission email:
    “I own all rights to this photo and give a representative of Lori Kennedy Inc. full permission to use it on thewellnessbusinesshub.com at his or her discretion.”
    If you do not submit the requisite disclaimer, or provide attribution, your photos will not be included.

  11. You are not obligated to include images. Only include them if you feel they enhance your article.

  13. You are expected to have fully edited your article for spelling, grammar, and logical flow. If there are slight errors we will get our editing team to correct those for you, but please do your best to submit a publication-ready article.

  15. For exposure, you may include 1-2 outbound links within your article, referring to other content you may have published elsewhere, such as on your own site. Within your Word document please bold and put in blue font the text to be hyperlinked, with the URL to be linked beside or underneath.

  17. Affiliate and/or commissionable links will not be published.

  19. Make sure your article follows good blog etiquette. Paragraphs should not be longer that 3-4 sentences, to ensure easier reading.

  21. There are no strict guidelines for article length, but we do ask that you are succinct and to the point. We will leave it up to you to decide how long your article will need to be to say what you need to say. If we feel your submission requires revision to make it more readable, we may ask you to rework it before resubmitting.

  23. Include a 1-3 line author biography at the bottom of your article, with a link to your website and social media channels.

  25. You must also include a headshot in .jpeg or .png format. It will be included in the post beside your biography.


How to Submit

Please submit your article or recipe directly to [email protected].


Submission Checklist

  • A brief introduction, via email, telling us: who you are, what you do, and why you would like to contribute to The Wellness Business Hub.
  • A list of your social-media handles and their direct links.
  • The Word document (.doc) containing your article.
  • A short author biography, to be included at the bottom of your article.
  • A headshot in .jpeg or .png format.
  • If submitting additional images, they should be submitted as individual .jpeg or .png files, named as follows: articletitlePICTURE1, articletitlePICTURE2, etc.
  • Also, if submitting additional images, you must include an official disclaimer in your email, stating that all pictures submitted are owned by the author (you), or otherwise provide attribution.

    If you have any questions please email [email protected].

    Thank you and we look forward to your submissions!


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