EPISODE 35 | The Danger of Having a ‘Broke’ Money Mindset

Do you walk around with a constant low level feeling that the bottom might fall out from under your life at any moment? Do you feel guilt or shame or anxiety when you spend money? Do you just ignore the numbers and hope for the best? Chances are you have a ‘broke” money mindset and it’s holding you back!

I invited Shannon Lee Simmons to join me for today’s show to discuss money, why we as individuals get so worked up over the concept of money, where those negative feelings can stem from, and of course – how we can work through those roadblocks so that we can begin to get a handle on our money, breathe a big sigh of relief and relax (HINT: she does NOT want you to budget!!)

If anyone can take the worry out of money, Shannon can! She is SO fun and light and also totally knows her shit when it comes to finance. We walk through some of the key concepts of her new book Worry Free Money to explore what a ‘broke’ mindset is, how to shift your thinking about money,  why you should NOT be budgeting (and what to do instead) and we even dive into her theory around the “Beyonce factor” – trust me, this is a thing!

We had such a great response from Episode 22 where we spoke all about Money Blocks that I knew we had to return to this money conversation – for both your business and your life, we have to start talking about money more often if we want to move forward and get out of the constant feeling of overwhelm.

More About Shannon:

Shannon Lee Simmons is a certified financial planner. She’s the founder of the award-winning, New School of Finance, and best-selling author of Worry Free Money.  She’s a personal finance columnist for The Globe and Mail and is a personal finance expert on CBC’s On The Money and CBC Toronto Metro Morning.

Connect with Shannon through her website and on social media via Instagram,  Facebook, or Twitter.

Listen to Episode 35 Here:

Things We Talk About In This Episode:

  • What is the “broke” money mindset
  • Why you need to stop budgeting and what to do instead
  • The 4 main areas you should be tracking your money
  • Why you should be able to keep your daily lattes if they make you happy – Happy Spending!
  • The Beyonce factor
  • And so much more!

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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