So you just finished your area of study in the health and wellness field.

Diploma in hand, you’re super pumped about making an impact in people’s lives and in your community, and the thought of making thousands of dollars along the way ain’t bad either.

You’re eager, excited and ready…

The only issue is, aside from your family and friends, very few people know you exist.

Then you start thinking about your online or offline business and you think, “Oh shit… I need to build a website. Otherwise how else will people know what I have to offer?”

A website is a must have for any business right? Wouldn’t it make most sense to build that first and get it out of the way?

The truth is, while a website is, and will continue to be, a valuable marketing tool for your brand and health centered business, it’s not necessarily the first (or best) step to getting online.

You probably got into your profession because you want to help people live a healthier life.

Maybe you want people to experience the same breakthroughs and transformations you’ve experienced in your journey to better health.

Whatever your reason, the harsh reality is that you need some kind of online presence to make an impact and to make money.

But where do you start?

If building a website to launch your online practice isn’t the best first step, then what is?

That’s where an online sales funnel comes in. An online sales funnel built to launch and sell your signature program.

Sales funnels are made with this goal in mind, to get clients to say yes so they can achieve the results they desire, and make money for you.

They help get your programs out to the world. They also help build your brand and spread your message.

In fact, a well created sales funnel can have a much greater impact on your business and your clients’ lives because they’re built to engage and convert.

That is why I put together this quick list of the 3 Reasons Why You Don’t Need A Website Before You Launch Your Online Program.


1. People typically don’t visit your website unless they already know you

You might be thinking that you can just buy traffic from Facebook or Google and push people to your website. To be honest, if this is your strategy, just pack up shop right now and call it a day.
Most websites are built to inform, not to convert.

Getting people to your website organically (SEO) can be a long, drawn-out process and typically revolves around creating ongoing rich content that people will value and consume.

The truth is, getting people to visit your website is difficult, and if your website is not set up correctly with proper calls-to-action, then chances are your website is just a glorified billboard. It’s out there, but is anyone really paying attention?



2. Launching your online health program first, enables you to make a quicker impact

You went to school or got into health and wellness to make an impact in people’s lives. Building a signature program with a proper sales funnel can get your message and programs out to people quicker.

If you want people to purchase your programs online, then you’re going to need a sales funnel in place to capture leads and nurture them into paying clients of your program.

Your time is much better spent ironing out the details of your online programs and sales funnels then worrying about WordPress and how you should write your About Me page. If you’re looking to make an impact FAST, then a sales funnel pushing to your signature program may be your answer.


3. Websites are for branding and funnels are for making sales.

If your main goal is to grow your brand, sure — create a website first.
But if you’re looking to change lives and make some sales along the way, then you need a sales funnel and a signature program.

And honestly, having a proper sales funnel in place will enable you to grow your brand as well. Once people are in your online funnel having them take action can be much more targeted and calculated. If someone happens to land on your website they may click on a few things and then bounce — meaning you’ve lost the opportunity to follow up and grow your relationship with that person.

If you’ve already built a website for your business, cool but just promise me you’ll leave it alone now until you have a signature program and sales funnel ok?

But, if you’re reading this and you’re wondering where you should spend your time and resources, I would recommend you really put the pen to paper and start developing your signature program and funnel.

It will allow you to capture and nurture people who have self-identified with your offer, and will also allow you to grow a relationship with your leads. AND… Most importantly… it will help you MAKE MONEY! There — I said it — the dirty “M” word.

About the Author

As Co-Founder of ZigiMedia and the Tech Mentorship for Health & Wellness Professionals, Elan helps business’ of all sizes strategize, build, market and grow their online presence using the latest in online marketing technologies. With over 10 years experience in online marketing and business development Elan strives to provide his clients with smart effective online marketing solutions.

Having built several successful online & tech start-ups, Elan brings a combination of “Online Tech” knowledge and business building strategies to help you grow your online practice.

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