They are sitting there waiting for you. Shifting uncomfortably in their plastic chairs, waiting for their name to be called and hoping they will be heard and finally get a real solution.

There are millions of people suffering from chronic diseases, obesity, insomnia and chronic pain who are sitting and waiting in their family doctor’s office waiting room only to be rushed through their appointment in 7 minutes or less and often leave with more questions than answers.

It’s not that doctors don’t want to help or see the value of nutrition and lifestyle and exercise, it’s that they are already being run off their feet and working within a system that is not set up to support that style of healing.

That’s where YOU come in!

As a health coach, nutritionist, personal trainer or other health professional you are exactly the person those MDs want to refer their patients to but they don’t have the time to find you.

So how do you connect?

Recently, Lori interviewed Dr. Kim Foster to talk about exactly that — the do’s and don’ts of pitching the medical community.

As a Family Doctor AND Health Coach Kim has a unique perspective and is working toward narrowing the gap between the traditional medical model and the so-called “alternative” practitioners.

In this short 30 minute video interview, Lori and Dr. Foster discuss:

  • Why MDs are limited in providing lifestyle and health coaching to their patients
  • Why Dr. Foster likes collaborating with and referring to health coaches and nutritionists
  • Why we don’t need ALL MDs to be on board to make a difference
  • How the current issues with the medical model can actually work to your advantage
  • Actionable examples of how to get your foot in the door
  • Why your mindset is key in being taken seriously (HINT: You are there to help the doctor not the other way around)
  • Which health conditions MD’s are most likely to refer out to other practitioners
  • And much more!

It’s time to transform the current model of healthcare.

Are you ready?

Share in the comment below what niche you specialize in and if you’d like to partner with the medical community.

About the Author

Dr. Kim Foster, M.D. is a family doctor, wellness expert and coach. Born and raised in Oakville, Ontario, she went to McMaster University for medical school and residency, and moved to BC in 2003. She now lives and works in Victoria, BC, where she sees patients at the University of Victoria and writes, blogs, and speaks about health & wellness. She is a mom of two boys, and when she’s not working can be found either on her yoga mat, traveling the world, trying out new recipes in her kitchen, or running by the ocean.

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