EPISODE #0 | Welcome To The Business Of Becoming Podcast

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Holy moly! The day is finally here and I couldn’t be more nervcited about it (nervous and excited — my daughter made up that word).

Over the last couple of years as my business and community has grown and as I worked hard to establish my niche I started to feel choked. And if I’m being completely honest I felt like I was keeping secrets — because building the business and life of your dreams requires you to transform from the inside out.

While I am completely obsessed with online marketing and business there is this whole other side of my life and my business that I wanted to share but didn’t really have a place to do it because, to me, it felt like it didn’t fit with my brand — The Wellness Business Hub.

So after many false starts and a couple of name changes, I am so proud to release the first episode of The Business of Becoming Podcast.

The Business of Becoming podcast is a mix of solo episodes that focus on personal development, spirituality and business growth mixed with no-holds-barred conversations with amazing guests.

Episodes will be released every Thursday. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE here so you don’t miss out on any regular or bonus episodes I release.

Now you can listen to my very first episode below:

In this episode I share…

  • The meaning behind the name The Business of Becoming
  • The one thing I know for sure about building the business and life of your dreams all on your own terms
  • And a little bit more about who I am

This first episode is short and sweet. When you subscribe on iTunes you’ll get notified of all new episodes which means you won’t miss a thing.

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I’m grateful and honoured that I get to share this new part of my business with you and of course I’ll be giving you the inside scoop on what it’s really like on the podcast. Thank you for listening!

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