Jun 17, 2019

Today we get honest about what it takes to be a female entrepreneur.

I speak with Sandy Connery, co-founder of Namastream. We cover how she got started in creating a tech platform, why you need to let others help you grow your business, what Digital Artisanship is, and so much more.

I’ll see you in the episode!

More about Sandy Connery 

Sandy is the co-founder of Namastream Software, Soulful MBA, and Connectable.Biz Software. After a twenty year career in footwear and gait analysis, Sandy sold her million-dollar brick and mortar retail business and clinic. She now brings her business experience to the online space where she loves to create community, teach, and inspire other women to find the freedom and impact they desire.

You can find her on Instagram, and at namastream.com

In This Episode We Talk About… 

  • How Sandy and Jenny met, and the birth of Namastream
  • Why you need to outsource tasks in your life
  • The definition of Digital Artisanship
  • Why it’s ok, and sometimes necessary, to want a lot of money

Listen to Episode 115 below:

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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