EPISODE 12 | Dirty Little Launch Secrets From A Boss Blogger

Dec 21, 2017 | 0 comments

I’ve got more launching goodness coming your way this week! Last week I shared with you The 4-Phase Launch Plan that you could follow to have a successful, organized launch. This time around I’ve asked Kate McKibbin from Secret Blogger’s Business to dive into the details and secrets of creating content that will help take your launch to the next level – and probably save you a ton of time!

You’re going to have a major sigh of relief after listening to this episode because Kate and I take the pressure off when it comes to having to be constantly creating new content. She makes a really good case for why it’s better to be reusing the content that you already know works.

We also get super real and clear on what your expectations should be when you are launching something for the first few times. I wanted to give Kate a high-five through my computer screen when she dispelled the myth that it can be an overnight success and all it takes is a few emails sent from the beach (who actually works at the beach anyway?)

I say this a lot but you’re definitely going to want a paper and pen handy while you listen to write down some tips and a-ha moments that you’ll want to revisit later.

More About Kate:
Kate McKibbin is a very-tall, super nerdy pun-enthusiast who, after cutting her teeth in the magazine industry, in 2007 launched one of Australia’s largest independent lifestyle blogs (Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily), and grew to a team of five, with over 500,000 visitors a month and several awards to show for her efforts. In 2014 Kate created her second business, Secret Bloggers’ Business to help teach bloggers how to business, and businesses how to blog. In 2015 Kate was awarded the Female Entrepreneur Of the Year award for her contributions to women in technology, and it is her mission to have help bloggers and creative around the world to turn their passions into something that is profitable too. Connect with Kate on Facebook and Instagram.

Listen to Episode 12 below:

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