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While I’ve talked about branding a few times on The Business of Becoming, today’s episode has a completely different spin: we’re talking specifically about branding when it comes to doing a personal brand photoshoot.

My guest today, Laura Benn, is the founder of Gooseberry Studios. Laura has been doing my photoshoots and events for years now, and she’s super passionate about helping companies stand out in the marketplace.

I wanted to pick Laura’s brain on how to include photography in your brand — and the do’s and don’ts when doing personal brand photoshoots.

There’s a huge difference between a “pretty picture” and a picture that’s effective and strategic. That’s why you need to hire professionals — whether it’s a brand photographer or a business coach — for things outside of your zone of genius.

We get into what you need to do before and during the photoshoot so that you come away with photos that reflect not only your brand but your authentic self without looking cheesy.

More From Laura Benn:

I believe in messy hair, red lipstick, and puppy kisses. I’m more about sweet than chic and can usually be found guzzling tea (Earl Grey of course), dancing in the kitchen, running around after my two fur monsters, biking, baking and sipping rye and gingers with loved ones.

Before creating Gooseberry Studios, I worked as a multi-brand Web Editor for Canadian Living, Style at Home and ELLE Canada, where I was responsible for creating and managing a mass of digital editorial content. I also worked for many years as an Editorial Coordinator for various print magazines, building entire publications from scratch and managing the content as titles became available nationwide.

Now I build brands and shoot for brands of all shapes and sizes, from products to publications, to personal service based practices! Why? Because helping you to become your own boss and stand out in the marketplace is what I’m passionate about.

Listen to Episode 127 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • How branding and photography have changed over the years from being stuffy “corporate” shots to shots that are more creative and “messy.”
  • The prep work you need to do before the photoshoot to make sure you’re sharing your vision with the photographer and maximizing your shoot time.
  • Some of the biggest mistakes health practitioners, coaches, and fitness pros make when it comes to doing brand photography.
  • The different types of shots you might want to take, whether they’re for specific campaigns, specific products or just photos you use on your website — and how they still all have to follow your brand.
  • What presets are and how to use them to keep your photo branding consistent. (Hint: they’re like having your own personalized photo filter you can use over and over again.)
  • How to be yourself when doing the photoshoot so you can build a connection with your audience.

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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Let’s Keep The Conversation Going…

Have you ever done a brand photoshoot? Did you hire a professional brand photographer or did you try to go it alone? I would love to hear all about it and I’m sure others would too. Comment below and share your story or visit me on Instagram which is currently my favourite way to connect.

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