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If you’ve ever imagined making 10k+ a month with your online health practice — whether you’re a health practitioner, coach or fit pro — then this episode is going to help you stop “imagining” what making 10k a month would be like. It’s going to help set you on the path of “I want this! What’s my next step to make this happen?”

I invited four of my 10K Success System clients to have a no-holds-barred, honest-as-hell, round-table discussion on their insider secrets to making 10k+ a month. You know me, no BS. I asked them not to filter themselves.

And while you need a proven system (like the 10K Success System) for the how-to’s, the funny thing is, we don’t actually talk about tactics and strategies, like automated webinars or funnels, in this episode.

What we get into are the personal transformations you need to go through to grow your business, how hard it is to push yourself outside of your comfort zone — and why you need to become the leader you need to be for your clients.

Listen in as my guests explain how the journey to reaching that 10k+ level was a grind and a hell of a lot of hard work — yet it’s also brought them huge shifts in their mindset which was the key to helping them succeed.

Sure, you need the strategies and the game plan, but without the mindset shift and the personal transformation that’s holding you back, the strategy just doesn’t matter.

To say I am so damn proud of my guests — Lori DePietro Standen, Selina Rose, Alyssa Labrecque, and Maxim Boulanger — doesn’t even begin to explain it. I’ve had the honor and privilege of watching each of their businesses grow over the last year and more.

I got full-on body chills when this episode was over — and I hope you do too. Get ready to be rocked to your core.

More About The 10K Success System:

You will probably have questions after you listen to this and you might even want more information on how you can work with me and my team. So if that’s true, you can book a free breakthrough call at or find me on Instagram and DM me and I’ll hook you up with the link.

Listen to Episode 129 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • How difficult it is to hear that things needed to be changed to grow your business — and how letting go and trusting the 10K Success System process resulted in tremendous growth.
  • How if you want your clients to change you need to be able to change, too.
  • Why charging a low price for your program and trying to sell it a million times doesn’t work.
  • How letting go of some of the control makes you feel like you’re more in control.
  • Why modeling and mimicking somebody else’s business gets you caught up in tasks that don’t move your business forward. (Hint: You need to know your critical, income-generating tasks.)
  • Why you need to do the tasks that make you uncomfortable and push you outside your comfort zone first — before doing the warm, fuzzy (and easy) tasks.
  • How stepping up and being a leader helps you to show up for your clients — and helps them to change, too.
  • Why you need to niche down and solve a clear problem — and that it’s okay to help people and still make money at the same time.
  • We take a deep dive into how showing your weaknesses in your stories helps you to connect with people.
  • How The 10K Success System helped one guest go from thinking she should only show her best self to clients to being out there every day talking about past difficulties, so her potential clients can find her relatable.
  • How negative criticism or feedback is not a reflection of who you are but what your client is going through — and how understanding that helps you to hold space for you and your clients.
  • How being in The 10K Success System group helps to reflect back the progress you’ve made over time. You’re not alone on the journey to 10k+.

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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