EPISODE 13 | Funnels and Email Marketing Explained

Dec 28, 2017 | 2 comments

Dawn Marrs and I have spent many hours ‘geeking out’ about sales funnels and email marketing. You see she is not only this week’s podcast guest but she is also one fourth of my weekly peer-led business mastermind. I’ve learned so much from her and was so glad she agreed to share some of her expertise with you too!

If you have a product or service to sell (i.e., have a business) you should be implementing email marketing (you probably already know that). Online, offline, full-time, part-time, product or service… you need an online presence and the ability to connect to your community virtually.

Dawn and I share some of our best advice for setting up funnels and implementing email marketing in your business. Even if you already use this in your business you’ll want to listen in and make sure you haven’t missed anything that could be causing you to leave money on the table.

More About Dawn:
Dawn Marrs is a business automation coach, blogger, and founder of MarrsMarketing.com, a business that inspires, empowers, coaches and consults with small business owners and entrepreneurs to systemize, automate and scale their business so they can accomplish more in less time, and create consistent, dependable revenue. Connect with Dawn on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Listen to Episode 13 below:

In this Episode we talk about…

  • The benefits of having an email list for your business, regardless of what your business is.
  • Understanding what a funnel is and why every business should be utilizing them.
  • How to set the expectation with your email list early on.
  • Why email marketing is about so much more than pitching sales.
  • How funnels ARE your business and how to put the puzzle pieces together to get more sales and overall growth.

Things I Mention In This Episode:

Dawn Marrs’ Easy Email Marketing Checklist

Ontraport – Customer Relationship Management

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Let’s Keep The Conversation Going…
I’d love to hear from you! Think about a sales funnel that you’ve found yourself in (I’m not the only one subscribed to like 1000 email lists am I!?) Tell me in the comments below, about one that you found yourself in that grabbed your attention and actually made you take action. What was it about the way the sale was positioned that made you click the buy now button?

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