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If you’ve been in my world for any length of time, you know I am obsessed with signature programs, right?

Wanna know why? Because it was only when I created a signature program that I was able to scale my business into what it is today: a thriving, multi-million dollar company that keeps growing year after year.

And nope, it’s not just about the money.

What gets me going is this: creating a signature program allowed me to have an impact on so many lives. I impact the lives of my clients when I teach them how to create a signature program — and then they go on to impact even more lives when they create (and sell) their signature program. Win-win!

Maybe you’ve been wondering if you should create a signature program for your health or fitness business.

Maybe you’ve started to create one but just didn’t know the steps to see it through to the end.

Maybe you’ve created a signature program but it just isn’t selling.

This episode is where I dish on all the details about signature programs: why you should have one, what a signature program is (and isn’t) — and so much more.

This episode might generate lots of ideas — and lots of questions — so I created a special Facebook pop-up group just to talk about signature programs.

Get ready to take lots of notes and jot down any ideas you get while listening to the episode — and then head on over to my Create A Signature Program Pop-Up Group so we can continue the discussion.

Listen to Episode 131 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • How dramatically the alternative health and coaching industry has changed over the years.
  • Why renting an office space or getting a job at a gym won’t help you to scale your business.
  • Why you need to create a signature program, even if you don’t have client experience.
  • The reasons why it doesn’t matter if there are other signature programs being sold online. (Hint: none of those other programs were created by you!)
  • What clients are actually investing in when they buy your signature program (it’s not for the meal plans, PDS, workout videos…)
  • We take a deep dive into what a signature program is… and isn’t.
  • The two critical things you need to know first before creating your signature program.
  • What I learned when I opened my office as an RHN…and the clients didn’t come flocking in like I thought they would.
  • The five components you need to build that make up the ecosystem of your business. (And yup, creating a signature program is one of the components.)
  • How knowing who your ideal client is and what problem they want solved helps you to tie all five components together.
  • Ways to bring your ideal client into your “ecosystem” so they can get to know you, and trust you.
  • How to shift your mindset if you find selling something makes you feel icky (maybe it even makes you feel like throwing up in your mouth a bit).
  • The beauty and efficiency of having one signature program that you run all your clients through — which, in turn, allows you to help more people without burning out.
  • The two important levels to helping your clients, and how your signature program creates the first, life-changing steps into healing.
  • Why your clients need to master the fundamentals in your signature program before doing any deep work.
  • How to help your clients even further by offering them a more personalized deep-dive into their problem once they’ve mastered the fundamentals.
  • Why you need to beta test when creating a signature program.

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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