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If you’re struggling to get things done in your business and you’re trying to stand out from the crowd, this episode with Stefanie Gass is capital-E Epic.

It’s one of those episodes where I felt we were old friends chatting about our business and how we run our lives — the good times, the struggles and everything in between.

Stefanie now runs a thriving coaching business, but the path to get there was not an easy one. She went from a corporate powerhouse to being knocked to her knees over a matter of years. This led to a renewed spirituality and a massive life transformation to find her truth.

Come and listen in to Stefanie’s story of how she found her purpose and her calling, and how she integrates her faith into her brand — and how you can do this, too. We also get into her amazing tips on productivity (one of them is seriously mind-blowing — you don’t want to miss it).

More About Stefanie Gass:

After becoming a corporate powerhouse by 26 and realizing she needed a way to end the 60-hour workweek and travel so she could settle down and start a family, she was introduced to network marketing. 2 years (and a TON) of hustle later, she has “made it”. I.e. The top 1% of this company, paid for cars, free trips, and even walked the stage holding a life-sized, 50K bonus check…

Only to find her ego and an insatiable drive to financial success wasn’t sustainable. Nor was it making her happy… with all her eggs in this one crushed up little basket, and a team that was off and looking for the next best thing she was knocked to her knees. 60 pounds overweight after her second son and borrowing money from her kid’s savings accounts to cover cash flow problems, she was searching for purpose, worth, and her calling.

She was led to renewed spirituality and went through a massive life transformation to find her truth. What she found was a passion for empowering and educating women to claim their potential, and to understand that true success isn’t found in money, it’s found in fulfilling your passions and fueling your soul.

She now runs a thriving coaching business and hosts a podcast called The Mompreneur Mastermind Show.

Listen to Episode 132 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • How Stefanie went from climbing the corporate ladder to some of her darkest moments as an entrepreneur — and how things changed when she discovered the person she wanted to be.
  • Why you need to use trial and error to find the sweet spot of what you want your business to be
  • Why you shouldn’t start big and try to capture everybody into your world, but instead niche down. (Hint: you end up blending in with everyone else out there.)
  • What you can do to stop hiding behind what everybody else is doing — and figure out who you want to become.
  • How everything can change when you start being your authentic self on social media.
  • How to bring your religious beliefs or spirituality into your business.
  • Why you confuse your audience by being someone you’re not — and how to turn things around so your real self can come out of hiding.
  • How to open up a dialogue for people to see you as super-approachable.
  • How to structure your days– and block out your time — so you don’t feel overwhelmed.
  • Why a paper planner — yes, a PAPER planner — can help keep everything under control.
  • One extreme thing you can do to take back your life on weekends. (This one will blow your mind!)
  • Why you need to ask for help and support so you can grow past the barriers you set for yourself.

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