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If you know me at all, you know my main goal in life is to reach my highest potential. I’m also a huge fan of taking imperfect action.

That’s why today’s episode with my guest, Alan Stein, Jr., is a must-listen if you’re having trouble moving forward. We had an amazing conversation about how to reach your highest potential — and it might surprise you to know that taking one small action each day can help you do that.

Sounds counter-intuitive, right? But thinking like a top performer doesn’t mean making sweeping changes. That just makes you feel overwhelmed. You need the mindset of a winner, you need to be super self-aware, and you need to take specific, intentional actions to keep moving forward.

Alan Stein, Jr. spent more than 15 years as a performance coach working with some of the world’s highest-performing basketball players. He now teaches people how to use these same strategies in their business so they can perform at a world-class level and reach their highest potential.

We get into what it takes to level up and raise your game when it comes to all aspects of your life. He also gives you his basic (but not easy!) three-step formula to close the performance gap between where you are right now in life and what you want to become.

This one’s a game-changer… but let me ask you this: are up for it? Listen all the way to the end of the podcast where I challenge you to make one small improvement in your life for the next 66 days — and then I want you to come back and tell me how it went. Deal?

More About Alan Stein, Jr.:

Alan Stein, Jr. is a keynote speaker and author who spent 15+ years as a performance coach working with the highest-performing basketball players on the planet. He now teaches audiences how to utilize the same strategies in business that elite athletes use to perform at a world-class level.

Listen to Episode 133 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • How finding the intersection between what you love to do and what you’re really good at can bring happiness, purpose, and success.
  • Why “performing” is not just for athletes and entertainers — and how it’s involved in every part of your life.
  • Why you need to level up and raise your game to become the best version of yourself.
  • Why you need to not just learn new things but you need to implement what you learn and take action, too.
  • How getting clarity on who you want to become actually simplifies your life.
  • The key components to closing the performance gaps — those gaps between who are now and who you want to become — in the different areas of your life.
  • What to do when your goals and your daily habits are not in alignment.
  • Why you need to stop playing the comparison game when it comes to seeing what others are doing on social media. (Hint: you’ll never win that game.)
  • How you need to have a level of self-awareness to make changes — and how there needs to be harmony in how you view yourself and how the rest of the world views you.
  • Why even if you’re not good at something, as long as you’re aware of it and are intentional about making changes, you can see improvements.
  • How it can be scary to look at the things you’re not good at (it means being vulnerable) — yet how being vulnerable is actually a sign of strength.
  • The basic (but not easy) three-step formula to raise your game and close any performance gaps.
  • How you need to get laser-focused on one habit instead of getting overwhelmed trying to do everything at once.
  • How changing one little thing — and doing it consistently — can not only add up to big changes over time, it can also prove to yourself that you can follow through with something.
  • Why eradicating “excuses, blaming and complaining” from your life can make you not only happier but more productive.
  • Why you need to be open to constructive criticism, in order to continually inch forward in life.

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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Let’s Keep The Conversation Going…

Do you feel like you’re living up to your highest potential when it comes to your business? If not, what’s one change you could make in your daily habits to help you reach that potential? I would love to hear all about it and I’m sure others would too. Comment below and share your story or visit me on Instagram which is currently my favourite way to connect.

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