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Humour me for a second…

What’s your first answer if I ask you: Do you deserve success? Do you deserve a happy, fulfilling life? Do you deserve to be wealthy?

Was your answer a really quick “yes”? That’s what most people answer.

Now, let’s dig a bit deeper…

Do your actions in life really line up with that answer? Because if you answered yes, you deserve these things, but your actions are not moving you towards that goal, then there’s a disconnect somewhere. There’s a block. On some level, you might not truly believe that you deserve what you want in life.

That’s what I explore today with my guest, Dr. Josh Wagner. Over the years, he’s discovered that the single greatest factor that causes procrastination, self-sabotage and that feeling of being stuck is an undeserving belief. That deep down, people feel they don’t deserve success for a variety of reasons — and they get in their own way when it comes to success.

Dr. Wagner is the creator of The Deserving Process and leads seminars all over the world, helping people get back their “deserving belief.” He believes it’s never too late to move from where you are to where you want to be. A lot of it comes down to giving yourself permission to believe that you deserve success.

This conversation was one of the most meaningful to me — and it could be triggering for some of you. But that can be a good thing. You can’t overcome what you don’t acknowledge, right?

There’s no judgment or shame here… I’m doing this work with you. So, please connect with me via DM on Instagram once you’ve listened to the podcast.

More About Dr. Josh Wagner:

Dr. Josh Wagner is the creator of The Deserving Process, leads seminars globally and is the author of “You Deserve It: The Missing Answer to The Life You Want”. He also teaches doctors the exceptional new patient experience.

Mentor, trainer, speaker, and author. After building a successful practice in New York City, Dr. Wagner realized his passion is helping others to their success with greater peace of mind.

He has traveled the world helping people in over 18 countries transform personally and professionally.

His purpose is that the more people experience joy and peace of mind in their lives, the better they will influence their families, communities and the world.

No matter your circumstance, it is never too late to move from where you are to where you want to be.

Listen to Episode 134 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • The single greatest factor that causes procrastination, self-sabotage and feeling stuck.
  • How once you clear up your “undeserving” belief, you’ll take the same actions but your results will be different.
  • How success comes down to giving yourself permission to believe that you deserve success.
  • Specific examples of how an “undeserving” belief shows up in your life.
  • The one keyword you can use to figure out if your undeserving belief is holding you back.
  • Strategies you can implement if you feel you’re not deserving of success.
  • How surrounding yourself with people who have the “deserving” mentality can help you shift your beliefs — and how to find these people.
  • What to do if you feel you can’t take the time to make changes in your life.
  • What to do if you’re not doing the things you KNOW you need to do to get to where you want to be. (Hint: it’s not building more funnels and trying more tactics.)

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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Let’s Keep The Conversation Going…

Do you procrastinate and self-sabotage when it comes to getting ahead in your business? Do you sometimes feel like you don’t deserve what you want out of life? I would love to hear all about it and I’m sure others would too. Comment below and share your story or visit me on Instagram which is currently my favourite way to connect.

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