Nov 25, 2019

Wow, can you believe we’re moving into 2020? Crazy, right? We’ve got about a month before the clock strikes midnight and the decade is over.

Personally, I love a deadline so I get a lot done before New Year’s hits.  What about you? How do you want to feel about your business on December 31st?

The reason I’m asking is… you’ve got about a month left to #GSD and hit the ground running for 2020. 

If you haven’t done any planning yet, no worries. This week’s episode of The Business of Becoming is going to walk you through it all, step-by-step.  I’m hoping it will give you the clarity — and the confidence — to reach your goals in 2020 and beyond.

And if you’re wondering where to start when it comes to planning for the new year, it’s pretty simple:  You’re a CEO. You’re a founder. So, you start with… the numbers.

Whether you made $0 or $150k (or more) in 2019,  planning your goals without the numbers — meaning things like your annual revenue goal — will get you nowhere fast. I’ve been able to double my revenue almost every year since I started paying attention to the numbers in my business.

You also need to know what’s working in your business — and what isn’t working.  You need to find what I call “the bleeders.” These are the holes in your business that stop you from growing.

This episode takes you through the steps to not only plan your financial goals for 2020 but helps you figure out exactly what you need to work on for the first quarter.  (That’s right, only for the first quarter. I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t plan too far ahead in the podcast.)

By the end of this 2020 planning workshop, you’re going to have:

  • An annual revenue goal. 
  • An annual revenue goal broken down by program/service offering (if you have more than one product.) 
  • The number of clients you need to acquire to hit that goal. 
  • Rankings for each of the 5+1 components that make up your business. 
  • A brainstorm of what you *could* do to improve each component. 
  • A Q1 action plan based on the 5+1 component rankings. 
  • A fluid list of the launches, sales promos and offers you want to have over the year with dates for each. 

And if all that is making you feel a little sweaty, I want you to switch around your mindset.  I want to hear you say, “I am SO excited to learn this!  I’m not going to flip out. I’m going to listen and learn.”  

Let’s make a deal:  you do this planning for 2020 now and then what I want to see happen is that you end 2020 by sending me a DM saying, “Whoa!  I did it!  I hit my sales goal!”  Deal?  I’d LOVE to celebrate with you.

So, click here to download the planning worksheet, hit the play button down below and let’s take on 2020!

Listen to Episode 138 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • Why you need to evaluate your current situation based on what we call the 5+1 components of your business.  (Tip: If you realize you’re ranking low on any of these components or you’re not happy with your rankings, set up a 10K Success System call.)
  • How you need to schedule a meeting with yourself to get this done — and the best place to have this meeting.
  • Why you shouldn’t be planning out your entire year and why it’s better to do some things on the fly. 
  • How you need to take into consideration where you are in your business-building journey. (Hint: it doesn’t matter *where* you are, just as long you *know* where you are.)
  • Why you need to consider what season of your life you’re in, so you can set yourself up for success when planning. 
  • How to be realistic about how much bandwidth you have — what we call “brain-focused time” — and why you need to build that into your plan.
  • Why you need to take yourself seriously as a CEO if you want to get your business rockin’ and rollin’.
  • How to set your annual revenue goal based off of last year’s revenue — and don’t worry if that’s $0.  
  • Why you don’t have a plan if you don’t have an annual revenue goal.
  • How to break down your annual goals if you have more than one offer or product.
  • How the 5+1 components framework shows you where your business is weak so you can work to make it stronger (and more profitable).
  • We take a deep dive into each of the 5+1 components.
  • How to rank each of the 5+1 components on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being weak) so you can not only plan what you need to do but prioritize as well.
  • What to do for each of the 5+1 components based on the rankings you gave them.
  • How to plan out what you need to do for Q1.

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Let’s Keep The Conversation Going…

Do you set an annual revenue goal each year and plan your business around that? How do you figure out which aspects of your business you need work on, in order to grow (do you know where the bleeders are)? I would love to hear all about it and I’m sure others would too. Comment below and share your story or visit me on Instagram which is currently my favourite way to connect. 

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