Dec 5, 2019

This week’s episode kicks off something very special for The Business of Becoming podcast.

Over the next four episodes, we are going to dig deep — and I mean real deep — into the evolution of the business of health and the abundant opportunity that’s waiting for you out there.

I’ve been in the health and wellness industry since 1999, so I’ve been a witness to just how much our industry has changed over the years.  And let me tell you, there has never before been as much opportunity in alternative health and fitness as there is right now.

Now you might be thinking differently because there are millions of free health and fitness articles, videos, blogs, and apps that people can access.

But the truth is this: at the end of the day, your clients require human connection, coaching, and accountability.  All those free generic pieces of content or free YouTube videos cannot hold a candle to you and your level of commitment to ensuring that your clients get the results that they desire.

Over the next four podcast episodes — which are based on my seven-part The Evolution of the Business of Health video mini series — you’ll learn why so many health practitioners and coaches are struggling to grow a business. And I’ll also give you step-by-step instructions to take action and grow your business.

In this first part, I take you through a timeline of the evolution of business in our industry — dating back to the dawn of civilization and moving all the way up to today, including how tech has changed how we do things now.

I want you to see we are in fact living in a time of massive opportunity. Make no mistake about that — and have no doubts — despite what you see out there online.

I also touch on the three core concepts that have the ability to change the trajectory of your business — and your life. (And we’ll take a deep dive into those core concepts in later episodes.)

Let’s start where we all need to start if we want to understand something:  at the beginning.

Listen to Episode 140 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • How we moved through the evolution of alternative health: from the dawn of civilization to when we started to conceptualize the idea of “health.”
  • What Hippocrates brought to the table by helping Western medicine shift from religious to the rational.
  • The history of telemedicine practices, from what seemed like a fantasy to what we can do today with modern technology.
  • When the hypothesis that exposure to extreme stress can cause health problems first appeared.   (Hint: it’s not as recent as you may think!)
  • Why the discovery that the brain and immune system talk to each was so important.
  • How modern technology — like the internet, iPhones, e-commerce websites — changed the business of health.
  • Why there is plenty of room for your own online business, even if you think the market is crowded. 
  • Why people aren’t getting the results they desire despite the millions of free health and fitness articles, videos, blogs, and apps.
  • Why more information isn’t going to solve the health crisis, and what you can do as an alternative practitioner, coach or fitness pro.
  • Why the business model you were taught isn’t going to give you the business — and the life — that you want and deserve.
  • How being told by my then-sales manager that I was going to be fired pushed me to create my own business under my own terms.
  • How I’ve gone beyond that to create a multi-million dollar company showing health practitioners, coaches, and fit pros how to take their health practice online.
  • The three core concepts that can change the trajectory of your business

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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