Dec 23, 2019

Welcome to the final episode of our 4-part podcast series on the Evolution of the Business of Health. We have been rockin’ and rollin’ through this series that was based on my 7-part video mini series of the same name. 

If you haven’t listened to the other episodes, check them out here:

The Evolution of the Business of Health Part 1 where we go over the evolution of the business of health from the dawn of civilization till now, and how that creates an abundance of opportunity for you.

The Evolution of the Business of Health Part 2 where we talk about the #1 predictor of success — and then the amazing Laura Wood joins me to go through the top ten things NOT TO DO if you want to be successful. 

The Evolution of the Business of Health Part 3 where we focus on what you need TO DO to grow an impactful business. We dive into Pillar #1 and Pillar #2 of my Health Expert Business Model.

In this week’s episode of The Business of Becoming, we go over the final three pillars in my 5 Pillar Health Expert Business Model and then we bring it all together by showing you how to create your own Impact Plan.

We start by digging deep into Pillar #3, which is where you invite your potential client to take action, whether it’s to sign up for a free call, join a webinar or sign up for your signature program.

We get into my 2-Part Yes Process — which contains my five-step process to structuring a sales conversation.

Yup, I want you to have a sales conversation.  In fact, I want you to get excited about having a sales conversation — and my process will help you feel more comfortable about doing them.

Pillars #4 and #5 show you how to create a scalable expert methodology — what we call your signature program — that you can use with all your clients, as well as how to bring them beyond that program and into even further transformation.

And then I show you how to bring together everything you’ve learned in this mini-series into one powerful Impact Plan to keep you focused on growing your business.

Get ready for plenty of AHA moments as you listen to this episode, and don’t forget to download the worksheets that go along with the episode (you’ll find them down below).

Listen to Episode 143 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • We go over Pillar #3 of the Health Expert Business Model — which is where you put out the invitation to sign up for something, whether it’s to book a call, sign up for a webinar or buy your signature program.
  • How the 2-Part Yes Process takes away that yuck, salesy feeling when it comes to sales. (Hint: you shouldn’t even be trying to convince people to work with you.)
  • We dig deep into the five-step process to structure sales conversations that you can use as a framework to create your own sales conversations.
  • The big mistake most health practitioners, coaches, and fit pros make when having a sales conversation — and what you need to do instead.
  • The type of question you need to ask that will help you understand your prospective client’s problem better.
  • How to flip the conversation from what their problem is to what their life would be like if they didn’t have that problem.
  • How to qualify their level of commitment to making a change — and why you want to work with people who are committed to making that change.
  • The part of the sales conversation where most people start sweating, and the steps to take to switch your mindset when the conversation makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • The types of questions to ask when talking about your program, so you don’t feel salesy.
  • What you need to have once your potential client gives you a solid “YES”.
  • Why you need to have a scalable expert methodology — or as we call it, a signature program — in order to create an impactful and thriving business.
  • How you can create a signature program even if you think your client needs personalization (no matter your designation or licensing regulations).
  • How you can use the Boomerang Effect that leaves clients asking you, “What’s next? How can I continue working with you?
  • How to take everything we talked about in this series to create your own Impact Plan, which is your personal roadmap to keep you on track.
  • The one thing you need to do to put that plan Impact Plan into action.

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