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Objections are an inevitable part of sales conversations. But have you ever thought about the root cause of an objection? Why are prospects so quick to jump to “I just need to ask my spouse/partner” or “I don’t really have time” or “Your price is too high for me”? 

When a prospect communicates an objection, that signals to you that there’s a barrier between what you know will work for them and their readiness to move forward. That barrier is quite often rooted in fear.

In this episode, I show you how to reframe objections and use my strategies to overcome fear and influence your client’s readiness to say ‘yes’ – long before the sales conversation even happens!

I show you how you to anticipate your prospects’ objections, flip them upside down and create content to sprinkle through your marketing messages so that your prospects feel inspired, motivated and ready to work with you by the time the sales conversation rolls around.

Working through your prospects’ objections with them is the most compassionate, most giving and most of-service thing that you can do as a coach or practitioner – acknowledge their truth and give them the tools and strategies to help them process through it. 

And that can only lead to an ongoing selection of people who want to work with you.

Listen to Episode 149 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • What is an objection?
  • How you want your prospects to feel when they show up for a sales conversation
  • What kind of content to create and publish for your prospects to consume prior to a webinar or sales call with you
  • How to use your ideal client profile to identify potential objections
  • Why turning your objections into questions or statements is the best starting point for creating relevant content
  • How to call out objections and create content using your stories and examples of your own experience 
  • Why identifying with your prospects’ objections makes you relatable
  • The importance of using headlines that speak to your prospects’ fears
  • Using buzz words that your ideal clients are using – regardless of how you feel about them
  • How to infuse objection-busting content into your marketing calendar every month
  • What you can do to hold the authority frame when objections arise
  • 10 days of content at-a-glance – what your content calendar could look like

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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