EPISODE 15 | 5 Personal + Business Lessons Learned in 2017

Jan 4, 2018 | 0 comments

Happy New Year! Can you believe that we’re closer to the year 2030 than we are to 2000? Talk about time flying when you’re having fun ~ and building the business and life of your dreams.

As I mentioned in Episode 10 it’s just as important to me to reflect and acknowledge lessons learned, wins and challenges as it is to plan ahead and create a vision for the future. This year is particularly impactful for me as it marks 5 years since I took my business online and 10 years since I founded my own company.

2017 was a massive year of growth for me personally and in my business. As I was reflecting on what the year looked like I felt that some of the lessons I’ve taken away could be beneficial to you too. From knowing when to give a f$*k, and why carbs are my friend. I hope you find something useful in this episode to inspire you for 2018.

Listen to episode 15 below:

In this Episode I share…

  • The top 5 lessons that I learned (or relearned) during 2017
  • Why “lonely” is a common, (and understandable) feeling for small business owners
  • Why as health and wellness experts we need to take our own advice when it comes to nutrition and taking care of our body
  • Efficiency is key, make lists and really start looking at what tasks you repeat often so you can easily outsource when the time comes
  • Take the time to realize where your time/energy/compassion is going, make sure the energy you spend is going to the right places, people, and things
  • A reminder that you always have a choice, even when it feels like you don’t

Things I Mention In This Episode:
The Wellness Business Academy
Book – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k

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