Jun 29, 2020

This, by far, was one of the hardest podcasts for me to record. 

In this week’s episode of the Business of Becoming, I share with you in real-time, how I am processing my own white privilege, and my racism. Yes, that is a hard pill to swallow and even harder to say out loud. Admitting that I am racist is not something that I ever thought that I would do, but I wouldn’t be able to do this work without first admitting that. 

Join me as I share my very stressful thoughts, my assumptions, and the awarenesses that I’ve had, and how I’m handling them, even though this is more than slightly terrifying. I know that I need to share because doing this work is never easy, that’s why it’s called work.

I am doing this with the full intention and the full awareness that I am a beginner in this work and that I will not say the right things, I will mess up, but I am here. I’m here for this conversation and I am here to do this work.

I hope that you’ll listen with an open heart.

Listen to Episode 170 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • The importance of recognizing that work is required 
  • Lori’s childhood and the messaging she was taught 
  • How Lori uses pen and paper to get truthful and real to do the quiet inner work
  • The process of self-inquiry and how Lori uses it to process stressful thoughts
  • How acknowledging the stressful thoughts kickstarts the work required
  • The impact of asking for feedback from those around you
  • Questioning what is actually true or not true
  • When Lori recognized that her feelings were not about her, but others
  • How Lori is using her feelings to come up with actionable strategies to evaluate bias, diversity, racism and being anti-racist
  • The actions Lori is taking personally, and as a company, to evaluate bias and become a more diverse and inclusive company

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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