Aug 24, 2020

Have you experienced backlash as a woman for wanting to be successful in business? Have you let that hold you back from sharing your gift?

Then you will find this episode especially meaningful and inspirational as we continue our Millionaire Mindset series. 

I am joined by Tahani Aburaneh, one of Canada’s top real estate investing experts, wealth coach, an Amazon bestselling author, but above all, a proud single mother of 2 grown children. She has spoken to thousands of people as a keynote speaker on stages across North America and is a featured guest on numerous podcasts, TV shows, and 2 international documentaries.

Tahani and I talk about her humble beginnings, being a mom, being divorced and how she embraces it all, using the experiences to fuel her continued success. We talk A LOT about mindset, managing rejection and being comfortable with money, although for Tahani, success has never been about the money. 

Tahani’s story is truly inspirational.

Listen to Episode 180 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • Tahani’s humble beginnings and her decisions to create change for herself
  • How Tahani handled backlash from those how disagreed with her choices
  • The mindset shifts that Tahani made to get to the next level in her life 
  • Tahani’s approach to managing objections and rejections  
  • The benefits of seeing the gift in every situation you encounter – good or bad
  • How Tahani involved her children in her business from a young age
  • Where Tahani first learned about money and real estate investing
  • The key to building long-lasting wealth

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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