Aug 27, 2020

Are you struggling with toggling between being the boss all day, working with your team and then trying to figure out how to transition into other parts of your life as a partner, parent, sibling or friend? 

You’re going to love this Millionaire Mindset episode with my friend and my Instagram guru Theresa Depasquale. 

We talk about why she sold her 7-figure fitness business and how she prioritizes being a mom, a wife and the CEO and founder of Capture Social Group. We talk about the challenges of being a strong, independent female and how that has affected her, as well as how she toggles between the different roles in her life.

With over 10 years of online branding and social media experience, Theresa has worked hard to master the art of online branding and social media strategy and has become the go-to for many high-level clients and companies providing one-on-one consulting and programs to help them successfully build their brand online and to grow their reach and credibility.

She’s real, she’s honest and you will love her story.

More About Theresa

CEO and founder of Capture Social Group, Theresa began her career as an entrepreneurial fitness expert. In 2012 she started her Instagram page and used her business acumen and marketing skills to quickly dominate the social media space by successfully building multiple large, revenue-generating brand pages on Instagram. Her own personal brand page @TheresaDepasqualefit has over 233k followers and is still growing today due to it’s motivational and educational content.

Listen to Episode 181 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • Theresa’s thoughts on success and what it means for her 
  • How Theresa did not let the opinions of others hold her back
  • Managing the ebb and flow between masculine and feminine energy 
  • The skills Theresa needed to learn and grow her business
  • The evolution of learning from your mistakes 
  • Energy management and winning the day 
  • How to prioritize when not everything goes to plan 
  • Managing success within your inner circle of friends and family
  • When is enough enough? The mindset shifts that happen as your business grows

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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Let’s Keep The Conversation Going…

Do you struggle with toggling between the different roles you play in life? What strategies have you used to manage all the things? I would love to hear all about it and I’m sure others would too. Comment below and share your story or visit me on Instagram which is currently my favourite way to connect. 

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