Sep 14, 2020

THIS is what it looks like! 

Isabel Price. A female role model that I could look to that had the level of success that I wanted. And she had small children. 

As we continue our Millionaire Mindset series, I am super excited for this very special conversation with Isabel, nutritionist and the co-founder and creator of the wildly successful internet-based nutrition program 

We talk homeschooling, boundaries, loving conversations, making mistakes, deciding on what success looks like for you and most importantly, staying humble every day. It’s authentic and inspiring and every woman needs to listen to this episode. 

I know you are going to love our conversation.

More About Isabel

Isabel D. Price is a wife, mom to 2 young boys, and a faithful follower of Jesus Christ. She is also a nutritionist and the co-founder and creator of the wildly successful internet-based nutrition program

Beyond Diet, in its 10 years, has now sold over 2 million programs to people all over the world.

Isabel’s passion for nutrition started with a deep desire to help her mother overcome her challenges with Type 2 Diabetes. Not only was she able to help her mom regain her health in dramatic ways, she then took those nutrition principles and put them in a program that has now reached millions of people around the world.

Isabel’s new program, The New Life Promise, combines her love for nutrition and her love for the Lord, to begin to change the conversation around weight loss and health from one of guilt and shame, to one of love, compassion and surrender to the wonderful life God has for us.

Listen to Episode 186 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • Managing homeschooling and building a business
  • The importance of tight boundaries and making exceptions 
  • Having loving conversations and finding better solutions 
  • Defining what success looks like for you 
  • Mindset shifts that come as your business grows
  • Saying ‘no’ with grace when you need to
  • Carving out thinking time in order to grow your business
  • Picking and choosing when to talk about your business
  • The value of just being yourself 
  • Remaining humble as your business grows
  • Showing up where it matters
  • The deciding factors in rebranding for Isabel

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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