Sep 21, 2020

This Millionaire Mindset series would not be complete without my guest, Amber Spears, industry thought leader in the affiliate marketing arena, prolific connector and networker, and co-Founder of East 5th Avenue.

It was truly an honor to have this conversation with Amber where we talked about the affiliate marketing model and what it was like being a young entrepreneur, trying to figure out who she is and her role in her business. 

Amber shares how she was able to build her business so that it aligns today with what she loves to do, what she had to overcome to get there and the lessons learned along the way. We talk boundaries, energy, trust, feelings, and having a money mindset that works for you. 

I really appreciated Amber’s vulnerability in this episode.

More About Amber

East 5th Avenue is a world-class affiliate management education company and agency.

In the last few years, the agency has generated $68 million in front end launch sales, generating over 6 million leads, and over 8 figures a year for her clients. On the education side, East 5th Avenue has trained over 250 companies and helped them generate over $320 million from their methods.

Amber’s clients, past and present, include: Clickbank, Agora, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Izabella Wentz, The Truth About Cancer, Energy BluePrint, Venus Factor, The Tapping Solution, Mindable, TrueGenics, and many others.

Listen to Episode 188 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

Things We Mention In This Episode:

  • What is affiliate marketing? 
  • Amber’s decision to go out on her own
  • How Amber’s business evolved into the company it is today
  • The type of energy needed to scale your business 
  • Overcoming trust issues and letting go of control
  • How you feel in your personal life is reflected in your business
  • Knowing your worth and charging for it
  • Money mindset and mental barriers
  • Building your confidence

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