Sep 24, 2020

This episode is such a fitting way to end off our Millionaire Mindset series. 

My guest is Hina Khan, a peak performance Coach and registered psychotherapist, who has been a student of the mind, human behaviour, and human potential for over a decade.  

Hina guides and mentors people to work through seemingly unbreakable barriers, whether it be creating quantum leaps in their business or exceeding personal goals. She does this by exploring and challenging the thoughts and beliefs that hold so many of us back. Then through extensive work, those thoughts and beliefs are replaced with ones that help to supercharge her clients’ growth. 

Hina has found that no matter how gifted, talented or brilliant a person is, if we don’t deal with our paradigms (limiting subconscious beliefs), we can never truly soar and have the positive results we are capable of creating in our personal and professional lives. 

This is exactly what we talk about in this episode.

More About Hina

Hina believes coaching is a powerful tool for change as one aligns with their purpose, vision and goals, allowing them to have mastery in both their personal and professional lives. She has trained extensively with her mentor Bob Proctor and is one of the top consultants for the Thinking Into Results program. Her extensive training at the distinguished Centre for Training in

Psychotherapy anchors her coaching expertise.

Listen to Episode 189 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • Understanding our paradigms
  • What do women fear about growth
  • How to combat upper level limits and our programming
  • What it means to make a committed decision
  • Recognizing levels of awareness of yourself and those around you
  • Not needing to justify the desire to have success
  • The impact of letting your circumstances control you
  • The simplicity of just making a decision
  • Reframing your goals

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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