Nov 2, 2020

Welcome to Part 2 of ‘Niching in Uncertain Times: The Do’s and the Don’ts,’ where Laura and I will talk all about how to distinguish between the problem the client complains about and the problem your service actually solves. 

If you haven’t yet seen Part 1, check it out later today…we discuss some niching hat tricks, like how to get exposure to your audience and how to tailor your message to match the needs of your clients. 

It’s difficult to keep an audience’s attention in the news feed normally during Q4, but even more so now because we have upcoming holidays, the New Year, the pandemic, and, of course, the election. 

We will be answering some really critical questions from our subscribers like…

  • How do I catch the interest of my ideal client during this time?
  • What kind of language should I be using to attract my client? 
  • Should I grab their attention logically or emotionally? 

Niching is a necessity, NOT an option, if you want to grow a financially stable business that transforms lives on the internet. That is why this is only Part 2 of our five-part ‘Niching Down’ series!

Listen to Episode 195 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • The tunnel vision a potential client has when searching for answers
  • Talking over the client’s head with elevated language
  • Using emotionally provocative headlines that validate an experience
  • Leading with a human connection instead of a teacher or coach mentality
  • How to use empathy and sensitivity to your advantage  
  • Asking yourself what a client may complain about to the people closest to them
  • Breaking down information into actionable items that produce results 
  • Ditching the professional “clinical talk” and relating to a client’s pain personally 
  • Evoking awareness first, gaining trust, and teaching later

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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