Nov 16, 2020

Welcome to Part 4 of ‘Niching in Uncertain Times: The Do’s and the Don’ts,’ where we will talk through how to identify the misconceptions that your audience is operating under and how to educate and illuminate the better alternatives. 

Go back and listen to the first three episodes if you haven’t yet! This is a FIVE-part series of niching down in uncertain times. Each episode concept builds off the previous and opens the floor for the next topic. 

Now, your audience is often misled by common misconceptions that are getting in the way of them understanding the real problem and finding the best-suited solution for it. 

As a coach, you bring value by knowing what these misconceptions are…you’ve probably heard of them more times than you can count. Telling a story that shows empathy for your ideal client will create a bond and open up the client’s mindset. 

Then, you can bash that misconception right before their eyes, showing them you’ve been in their shoes and retelling how you handled that same problem. 

In today’s podcast, we are going to address: 

  • How can I show my ideal client their misconception is not their fault?
  • What are the misconceptions surrounding my niche specifically?
  • How can I bring hope to my misinformed audience through my expertise?

From your audience’s point of view, they are trying everything and it’s just not working. In their brain, this is going to be a problem for them forever. By showing them another way, you are relieving them of this self-blame and self-doubt.  

Listen to Episode 197 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • The false beliefs your audience has been operating under
  • Offering new information to bring clarity to these false beliefs 
  • Showing a client that they aren’t the failure & that their misconception was failing them
  • Calling the belief out first, in order to open a client’s mind up to a new belief 
  • Bringing in education, authority, and confidence to reassure a client
  • Content that falls flat without the proper beginning 
  • Interviewing the client and asking for the problem
  • Looking beyond just the clinical
  • Resonating with the client through language and storytelling

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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