Nov 23, 2020

Welcome to Part 5 of ‘Niching in Uncertain Times: The Do’s and the Don’ts,’ where we are going to wrap up ALL of the strategies in this five-part series and solidify the final Do and Don’t that you should put above all others. 

Do us a favor and please watch the first four segments if you haven’t already, as this episode ties them all together! We want you to be able to sit down with this and really brainstorm everything we’ve talked about so far. 

All of our episodes have touched on getting attention by telling a relatable story. Describe a scenario that the ideal client for your niche has done or lived through. You can paint the picture of a stressful situation and grab that awareness without asking, “Are you stressed?” This is where you begin. 

Our final podcast of this series will dive into: 

  • How do I use content and social media to sell? 
  • Where should I sandwich the educational piece?
  • Can I engage my audience without speaking “at” them? 

Be a real human in the world. Interact with your audience. Ask questions. Talk to them. 

The way that most practitioners and coaches display themselves online is similar to how old-school doctors portray themselves, using words the client doesn’t understand…leaving the client feeling unintelligent and not knowing what to do next. Hence, why we begin with an empathetic story. 

Listen to Episode 198 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • Emotionally charged headlines, stories, and dialogues
  • Speaking in the first person, as if in a real conversation, in your content
  • Shying away from the educational or scientific pieces in the beginning
  • The right time to talk “clinical”
  • The day to day life of a client in your narrowest, most specific niche
  • Niching down properly, without rushing the process for short-term gain

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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