EPISODE 21| How to Grow Your Facebook Group

Feb 8, 2018 | 0 comments

Probably one of the top ten questions I get asked in my own Facebook Group is whether or not starting a Facebook Group makes sense for various alternative health practitioners in business. Whether you working in a clinical setting, in a gym or are exclusively online my answer is always ~ YES!

But (and there is almost always a but isn’t there?), having a strategy around your Facebook Group is key. Otherwise you’ll end wasting a ton of time and likely feeling super resentful.  

I knew immediately who I needed to invite on the podcast when the topic of Facebook Groups came up and that’s Alicia Streger, founder of Fit Pro Essentials. She’s a go-to expert on how to use Facebook Groups to build your business and a community of raving fans – sound good?

As Alicia reminds us in the interview there is nothing like the connection and community you can cultivate in your Facebook Group. You can have direct conversations with your ideal clients and they can connect to others just like them. It’s powerful and it’s important. But you need to be intentional about the kind of content you put in your group. make it super relevant and worth their time to be in there. There are more people than ever vying for their attention. It’s a longer term play but it’s worth it if you put in the work.

Alicia and I share tips on how to control the conversation in your group, how to keep your group members active and engaged, when and why you should block or deny certain members, defining the line between engaging and coaching (a.k.a. boundaries!), what types of content to share, and how to keep it wonderfully entertaining while also being a powerful way to grow your email list and gain new clients. Remember, people do business with people not businesses. The more you can cultivate a personal connection with your potential ideal clients the better.

More About Alicia:

Alicia Streger, owner and founder at Fit Pro Essentials, fitness business owner turned business coach who specializes in helping fitness business owners magnify their impact and streamline their businesses. She works closely with people to help them build businesses that give back to the world while creating BOTH financial and time freedom. Alicia has built multiple offline and online businesses from the ground up, and now teaches her success strategies and systems to other fitness professionals.

Connect with Alicia through her website or on social media on Facebook or Instagram and be sure to check out her fantastic Facebook Group too!

Listen to Episode 21 below:

In this Episode We Talk About …

  • How to set boundaries (i.e., how not to spend your whole day in your group!)
  • Who to let in your group
  • The difference between engagement and coaching
  • How to invite group members to work with you
  • What kind of content to post (HINT: ask your people!!)
  • What has changed with Facebook groups over time
  • How to grow your Facebook group
  • How to increase and encourage engagement
  • What to name your Facebook Group

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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Let’s Keep The Conversation Going…

I’d love to hear if you currently have a Facebook Group as part of your business and how its been working for you.

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