EPISODE 25 | Real Happiness and How To Achieve It

Mar 8, 2018 | 0 comments


Do you ever feel like happiness must just be for other people? Or it’s something you’ll “achieve” once you’ve crossed X, Y and Z off your to-do list or once you reach a certain milestone?

The journey of building your health business is a definite roller coaster, but it’s important to remind yourself that you can totally have fun along the way.

When I decided I wanted to cover this topic on the podcast I knew there was only ONE person to ask to join me, afterall she is currently completely her PhD in happiness! Gillian is awesome because she takes a science and evidence-based approach to living your best life and increasing happiness in your life in really practical ways. She’s also awesome because she totally “walks the talk” and I’m sure you’ll feel her positivity and excitement for life during the interview.

Gillian shares some of her research to highlight a few of the key indicators for happiness (fun!), how to get out from under overwhelm, how to manage your schedule, questions to ask yourself and how your words really matter. Gillian also share specific tools to help you when you are overwhelmed and I share some of my own personal experiences.

More About Gillian:
Gillian is a holistic health promoter with a personal mission to educate people about evidence based health information so that they can lead a happy and healthy life. She is a teacher and the world is her classroom! Gillian is currently completing her PhD in health science with an emphasis in health promotion, but her passion lies in researching happiness.

Connect with Gillian through her website and on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

Listen to Episode 25 below:

Here’s What We Cover in This Episode:

  • Just what a happiness researcher is (yes it’s actually a real job!)
  • Research studies that show that having more fun and play in your life are key predictors of productivity and follow through
  • The evidence-based mindset that encourages happiness
  • How you can feel more happiness in your life when things get to overwhelming
  • Understanding that sometime we totally do have to hustle, but then how to recover to avoid burnout
  • How to be deliberate about your schedule and about the words that you choose to use
  • How unplugging more often can actually increase your happiness AND productivity

Things We Mention In This Episode:
Western University

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