EPISODE 54 | The Launch Mode Self-Care Plan

Sep 17, 2018 | 0 comments

In this episode I’m talking about launching, but not in the way you might think. I’m going to talk about how to not get burned out by launching, especially if you are an introvert and a highly sensitive person like myself. I’m going back to my roots and will talk a little bit about nutrition and health as part of my self-care launch plan. I’m also going to share a couple of tips and some insider info that I do to protect and guard my energy.

Launching is a BIG part of my business and I love launches. I love the planning and the actual event of it. Over the years, I’ve figured out what works for me when launching and what doesn’t so I don’t need a full week off to recover after it’s over.

Lucky for you (and me), I’ve learned a few things over the years that work for me to protect my energy and support me to show up ready to fully serve my community during these intense periods in my business and I’m sharing all of my best self-care tips with you!

One of the biggest lessons I learned was to let go of all the self-induced pressure I was inflicting on myself. I learned to get super focused on a few key areas and to let a whole lot of other shit go!

I share some super actionable self-care tips and suggestions from what I eat (or don’t eat), to boundaries I set, the music I listen to and how I talk to my friends and family about what I’m available for (HINT: Not much!). I know that conversation can be tricky, so I’ve included a script that I use that you can borrow and use too. Because one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that you’ve got to put your CEO hat on and manage everyone’s expectations, your partner or friends likely don’t “get” it and that’s not their fault. It’s up to you to set the tone.

If even just the thought of launching makes you feel tired and all tingly in the adrenals, this podcast is for you!

In This Episode I Cover:

  • What launching requires across the board
  • An outline of how we structure The Wellness Business Academy program launches
  • Launch-mode boundaries and respecting your energetic limits
  • Communicating your launch-mode to your inner circle – See the script above!
  • The importance of clearing your schedule during launch-time
  • How outsourcing graphics, tech work, and content writing can save you from burnout
  • Why to avoid personal development or drama during launches
  • Allowing yourself to be super selective and release pressure on yourself
  • Benefits of a liquid diet during launches
  • Walking meditations, setting intentions, serving others
  • A script you can use to talk to your friends and family about your launch (see below!)

Listen to Episode 54 below:

Things I Mention In This Episode:

Here’s your script for talking to your friends and family about your upcoming launch


I’m about to enter into a busy time at work, I’m launching a program that I’ve been working really hard on and I’m super excited about it. Launching is like planning and having a wedding except in a really short period of time so it’s going to require my complete focus and all of my free time and energy except when I’m [with kids etc].

I’m letting you know that starting [date] I won’t be able during the day or likely on weekends until [list date] as I will be focusing on my business. Also, if I’m late replying to calls or texts please forgive me. It’s not that I don’t care, I will be super focused and will respond when I can.

I can’t wait to tell you all about my launch after it’s over — I’m so excited to be helping so many people [desired outcome].

Thanks for your support and understanding.

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Let’s Keep The Conversation Going…

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