Learn how to grow your health business from five to six figures on The Business of Becoming podcast with Lori Kennedy and special guest Alyssa Labrecque.

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These are honestly some of my favourite episodes. It’s so fun for me to sit down with those in my community and help them to tell their story. This time, the story is about the journey of how to grow your health business from five to six figures in your health business.

Let me introduce you to Alyssa Labrecque who has done the Wellness Business Academy and is now a member of the Launch it Like a Boss Mastermind. We talk about her journey from working fulltime in her family automotive business, to owning her own successful health business, Soul Food Nutritionista- A company who teaches people to love and trust their guts.  In the two years that she has been committed full time to this business, her growth has gone from five figures, to six.

We talk about how Alyssa got started and what steps she took in order to launch a successful business.  We also discuss the transition points and what came up at every fork of the road on the way to success. If you’re building your business, even if it’s still just an abstract dream for you, listen in to this episode. I’m certain you’ll find it helpful and inspirational.

About Alyssa:

Alyssa Labrecque is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and owner of Soul Food Nutritionista. With a strong family history of inflammatory bowel disease and years of thinking her constipation, fatigue and extra weight was “normal”, Alyssa discovered she had IBS and went on a mission to stop dragging herself through the day and decided to transform her body one simple step at a time. Today, she teaches people to love AND trust their guts, helping them to banish the gas and bloating and end diarrhea and constipation so they can fit in their clothes, feel normal and start living their life again.  You can connect with Alyssa through her website, Facebook or Instagram. She also has a free Facebook support group which you can join here.

Here’s What We Talk About In This Episode:

–       How did she know when to go full into the business?

–       What did her business look like in the early days

–       How did Alyssa hand the fear of leaving other income sources?

–       The affect your personal energy has on your business

–       Resources Alyssa used to get out of negative thoughts

–       How do you balance your relationships with work?

–       Resetting and staying focused on what’s important

–       How do you set up your days so you do your best?

–       What does Alyssa believe in now, that wasn’t even on her radar two years ago?

Listen to the Episode Here:

Things We Mention In This Episode:

–       Launch it Like a Boss Mastermind – Book your FREE Launch Audit Call

–       Alyssa’s Website – Soul Food Nutritionista

–       Book Recommendation – Can I Be Me Without Losing You

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