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In this episode, I sit down with two amazing women who I have the privilege of working with every single day.  Joining me are Laura Wood and Leanne Sedentopf. Laura has a fully online nutrition business called Lavish Nutrition and she is also the Head Coach for Launch it like a Boss within Team LK.

Leanne has been been a long time entrepreneur and is an alumni of the Wellness Business Academy. She ran a nutrition business for several years and shifted recently to become the Director Content and Communications here at the Wellness Business Hub. You can find out more about each of them here.

Today, we pull back the curtain on what it is REALLY like to grow a business while also raising children.  We share some really funny stories about us and our kids and what life is really like!

We also share the practical strategies and concrete tips that we have implemented in our lives so that we don’t feel batshit crazy every day… and we can actually grow our businesses. And we also acknowledge that this is our experience, and that it’s not the same for everyone based on so many factors.

I wanted to do this podcast because I want to validate that it really IS different for moms… no disrespect intended to the dads out there… but trying to build a business when you are also the mom of little people who need you all or some of the time… it is a whole different ball game.

So grab a cup of tea and have a listen!

In This Episode I Share…

  • What life looked liked for us when we had brand new babies… and were still trying to build momentum
  • What “mat leave” looked like for each of us
  • Our struggles with the idealized “June Cleaver” stereotype
  • How we structure our days so that we can kick butt in business and mom-life
  • How we have learned to have those key conversations with our children and family so we can really implement boundaries around our work hours
  • How our Morning Magic time is key to our being the best mums (and CEOs) we can be
  • How we use the “Pick 3” strategy to organize our priorities
  • How we incorporate self care and what that looks like for us right now
  • The truth about what a “win” looks like for us… and it’s different than you might think!
  • What tech tools we use to organize our family and work lives

Listen to Episode 63 below:

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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