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This episode is a GSD tough love conversation!  Hold onto your Facebook ads because I share exactly what to do to set yourself up for success for the rest of Q4 with rocking confidence levels and super solid motivation.

I wanted to have this conversation because every day I see members of my community posting in our Take Your Health Practice Online Facebook group asking questions about so many things… that they shouldn’t be worrying about yet!  And I want this so bad for all of you. I want your businesses to take off and for you to build the businesses and lives of your dreams.  So it hurts my heart when I see you guys working on the wrong stuff because you end up spinning your wheels which tanks your confidence levels and obliterates your motivation.

So today we are going to set you straight on exactly how to use goal setting to increase your confidence levels (not hurt them) and my secret to maintaining red hot motivation even on the days when I’d rather curl up and watch Netflix. Plus I will tell you exactly what you should be working on in your business today to move your business forward so that you can get another step closer to your dreams!

Let’s dive in!

In This Episode I Share…

  • The connection between goals -> confidence -> motivation (which might surprise you)
  • How to implement TODAY what you have been holding back on (even if you only have 10 minutes)
  • Exactly what you should be focusing on for your business right now (and what is wasting your time)
  • How to create goals that will make you feel like a badass (and how to reverse engineer so you have a plan to achieve them)
  • How to set up the rest of Q4 so that you can rock your business in 2019
  • How Hawaii is driving me forward in my business (it will make sense… promise)
  • How to determine what your ONE THING is right now and how it will transform your confidence level

Listen to Episode 70 below:

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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Let’s Keep The Conversation Going…

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