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Joining me this week are Rachael Hunt & Becka Crowe!  Together they are Vibe Tribe Wellness but they each have their own individual businesses as well, GlutenFreedom & Going Grainless.  

Becka and Rachael are two Instagram-turned-real life gal pals who started Vibe Tribe Wellness as a passion project.  Their friendship blossomed when they bumped into each other in real life at an event and over gluten free food – they quickly as they discovered a mutual interest in exploring different wellness & spiritual modalities.  The result was their podcast, formerly Gluten-Free Girlfriends, they have evolved the name to encompass their belief that your vibe attracts your tribe. This path has enabled them to sink deeper into their self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-love.

We are going to be talking all about how to grow your personal brand and the business of being a blogger and a social media influencer.  Becka and Rachael are taking us behind the scenes on their joint/individual businesses and showing us all their secrets!  From how to have the tough conversations with a business partner to what to put in your media kit that you present to brands looking for representation (and how much to charge) – they’re sharing it all!

Whether you are just starting out or you’re well on your way to building your personal brand, there are so many awesome tips and tricks in this episode!

Let’s dive in!

In This Episode I Share…

  • How Becka and Rachael first started collaborating (even though they have the same niche) and how you can find the same kind of partnership
  • How the “strength in numbers” has opened up opportunities for both Becka and Rachael as a results of their working together
  • How they have navigated having the tough conversations while balancing their own individuals brands and building The Vibe Tribe together
  • Why just taking the leap and DOING it is so key to success and how overthinking can stall your business
  • What exactly a blogger and social media influencer is and how Becka and Rachael generate income from their platforms
  • What Becka has in her Media Kit and what sort of packages she sells the brands she works with
  • How the health and wellness space is in a unique place right now and how that can benefit a health professional who is just starting out (hint: small IG accounts actually have a ton of power!)
  • The important of sticking to a strong niche and resisting the urge to “do a bit of everything” if you want your business to be attractive to brands looking for influencers to try and promote their products

Listen to Episode 71 below:

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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