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Whether you are listening this in real time during the holidays or it’s months in the future and you’re sipping a cold drink in the heat, my goal for this episode is to give you actionable tips and tasks so you can GSD (that stands for Get Stuff DONE) in your business.

It hurts my heart when I see people in my Take Your Health Practice Online Community or my paid programs The Wellness Business Academy and Launch it Like a Boss, spinning their wheels and staying stuck. So let’s work on productivity and move things forward.

I want you to know what to focus on at each stage of your business and how to get the right stuff done so you will continue to move forward and see progress. So that’s what this episode is all about. My team went through the last year on the podcast and pulled out some of the best tips and suggestions that we wanted to be sure you heard when it comes to getting stuff done and productivity.

Even if you’ve already listened to every episode of the podcast, I encourage you to still hit play on this one. Remember, it can take many repetitions of the same message before it really lands for us and each time we hear a thing we’re in a different space in our business and personally so I’m certain you’re going to get some sweet takeaways from this.

I’m not suggesting that you need to do ALL of these things right now, my advice is always – Take what you need and leave the rest. Know that these episodes and lessons are here for you when you’re ready for them.

We’ve linked to all of the individual episodes and corresponding worksheets below, so let’s Get. Stuff. Done!

Here’s What We Cover in This Episode…

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Listen to Episode 83 below:

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Let’s Keep The Conversation Going… 

What action are you taking in your business currently? What are you committed to following through on?

Let me know below or visit me on Instagram (my current social platform of choice) and send me a message there to let me know what you want to hear more about (I respond to all Instagram DMs personally – promise!)

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