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This is may be the most honest and open conversation I’ve had to date on the podcast, and it was such an honour to have it with Ashley Srokosz. We get deep and personal (cause that’s how we roll!) and talk about how Ashley has built a business and life on her own terms and about the bumpy, winding road it took to get there. She has a lot of great advice and insight for you as you build a business too.

Ashley shares her personal evolution as a entrepreneur, from a “typical” holistic nutritionist doing individual coaching and group programs, to shifting into business coaching and blowing up her business by incorporating essential oils into the mix.

We also talk a lot about managing anxiety when you’re building and growing a business and how to be a leader that’s expected to show up and be “on” all the time, and how to do things on your own terms that will support you and your clients vs. burning you out.

I’m certain you’re going to really connect with Ashley’s story in one way or another, she shares the human and messy side of building a business and life with intention and I can’t wait to hear what you think.

More About Ashley Srokosz

Ashley Srokosz is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, doTERRA essential oils educator, and business coach for wellness entrepreneurs who is also a mom to an energetic little boy. She shares super transparent lessons from business and everyday life that helps busy women achieve more of their mission with less struggle – because being a mom and an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be so hard!

You can connect with Ashley via her website, Facebook and Instagram.

 In This Episode We Talk About… 

  • Ashley’s evolution as a nutritionist into crushing sales with doTerra essential oils
  • How she deals with her anxiety as an entrepreneur and how it shows up for her
  • The “stigma” of MLM and how Ashley’s opinion on network marketing has shifted.
  • How network marketing is a lot like affiliate marketing
  • How network marketing and her passive income from essential oils is helping her take time for mental health when needed
  • Ashley’s experience of being an introvert and also a leader and entrepreneur
  • How she has made big decisions to choose herself and her health and still show up for her team and clients
  • The possibilities available to business women and entrepreneurs now with technology and ability to do business on your own terms
  • Funny stories of what they wore when they wanted to look professional – HINT: Blazers and pant suits!
  • What Ashley does to turn her brain off
  • And so much more!

Listen to Episode 88 below:

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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