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You can totally make 10k a month in your health business. It’s true. But you likely won’t be able to do it selling one off sessions to clients, and it’s not your fault if that’s what you’ve been doing, because that’s what you were taught to do.

Well, I’m here to teach you a new way of thinking and operating. A system that you can follow to consistently make 10K a month in your health business. And, before you disqualify yourself thinking that it’s not possible for one reason or another, please hear me out and keep an open mind.

I know these steps work. Because I’ve used them myself to build a multi 7-figure business and we have taught dozens and dozens of clients in our 10K Success Program how to implement them too with awesome results!

Be sure to download the FREE workbook that accompanies this and episode 91. It’s best to download it now so you can refer to it as you listen.

Ok are you ready? The method is actually pretty simple. Here’s the challenging part – having the discipline to follow through and stick to the system instead of chasing down shiny object after shiny object. You with me?

If you want to help more people, spend more of your time doing the things in your business you enjoy (i.e., getting out of constant creation mode and constantly teaching the same things) then you’re going to want to save these episodes to come back to again and again as you progress through the steps.

I’m not suggesting you can do this in 60 days or even a couple of months, but I do know for certain that if you stay focused, do the work, adjust as you go, it does work! So download the FREE workbook now, and let’s get to work.

In This Episode I Talk About… 

  • How I’ve made 10K/month (and more) consistently twice now
  • The conversation that changed everything for me- why can’t you change the way you sell your services?
  • The mindset shifts you’ll need to make before you can ever make more money
  • The system I use to do things differently
  • The first 3 of 7 steps you need to take to start consistently making 10K a month in your health business
  • The FREE workbook that walks you through all 7 steps

Listen to Episode 89 below:

Things I Mention In This Episode:

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Let’s Keep The Conversation Going… 

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